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Window lock? Why do I have to lock my windows?

With a window lock on your windows, you make it extra cumbersome for a burglar to break in through your windows. Window locks can therefore have a preventive effect. It is because a thief looking for quick money will typically opt-out of a well-con secured home. Instead, they move on to another house.

A window lock is a good protection against under-drilling

A large portion of all burglaries happens through the window. A widely used method of breaking in through the window is underbore. Under-drilling involves the burglar drilling in through the window frame. Then insert a tool or a piece of bent steel wire to pry open the window locking mechanism.

If the only locking mechanism on your windows is hasps or traditional handles (so-called fitting handles) without extra securing, you are unfortunately not well enough secured against under-drilling.

Instead, it would be best if you considered installing window locks or fitting handles with either a lock or built-in code lock or a window lock with a cylinder. Then, you can use a lock that you can open with the same key used for your doors.

Ground floor windows

Do you have to prioritize securing all the house windows or separate windows? Then it would help if you prioritized securing the windows on the ground floor with a good lock over the windows on the first floor. The windows on the ground floor are far easier burglary routes than those on the first floor.

Are your windows old or in poor condition?

If your windows are old or in poor condition, they are easier to break. This is because the thief typically breaks off the glass strips and then peels the glass out and crawls into the home through the now open window.

Glass moldings are often nailed to the window and are easy to break open. Therefore, you should secure your windows by using securing screws (one-way screws) for your glazing beads.

If the thief can not get in by removing the pane, he can instead smash it and gently stick his hand in through the hole and open the window from the inside. It happens especially in houses with old windows with 1 layer pane.

In this case, a lock on the window will provide suitable security, as the window lock can only be opened with a key or code.

Do not tempt the thief with visible valuables.

Valuables visible through the window can tempt the thief. Therefore, if you are away from home for a long time, you should place your valuables ​​, so they are not directly visible through the windows.

3 locks and handles that secure your windows

You can use several types of locks and grips to secure your windows. You will find all kinds in your local hardware store or at your local locksmith Tampa.

However, before you choose to install window locks, you should ensure that your windows are in proper condition. It does not make much sense to put window locks on a window where the woodwork is so rotten that the window can be lifted out with a screwdriver, for example.

Fit grip with latch

The cheapest solution is to choose a fitting grip with a lock. The fitting lever is the well-known angle lever, which is rotated 90 degrees to open the window. The latch sits at the top of the handle and locks so that the handle can be rotated.

To open the window, press the latch down with your thumb, after which the handle can be turned, and open the window.

The barrier thus secures the window, as it is more difficult to open from the outside via under-drilling. However, it does not prevent the window from being opened from the inside. And thus, it is used as an escape route if the burglary has taken place first.

Window lock with key

To unlock, on the other hand, you need a key, which gives you good protection against burglary via under-drilling.

You can choose to get the same key for your window locks as for all other mechanical locks in your home.

Also, remember to secure the basement windows.

Your basement windows constitute an obvious burglary route and should also be secured. If the windows in the basement can be opened, you can choose to install a window lock on the windows. If they cannot be opened, you may provide the basement windows with iron bars or grilles.

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