What is the Marketing Research Process: A Complete Guide.

Marketing research plays a crucial role in marketing. It is a necessary tool for assisting marketers and executives in wise decision-making. Yet this is important to go with marketing research. It involves highly specialised abilities to research in the market. For this, the marketer has to go through a 6 step marketing research process. The managers of the particular organisation, who effectively implement the research process, can better formulate the problems. The manager then critically appraises the proposals built by research professionals.

In this blog, I am here to brief you about the marketing research process. But before that, let’s understand the true meaning of college assignment help.


Marketing research is the research whereby the researchers perform various functions related to gathering, analysing and interpreting the data and information about the marketing conditions.

The primary cause for performing the marketing research is to study consumer behaviour. Consumers frequently make several changes in their behaviour. Consumer behaviour changes because of changes in the marketing mix functions. That is:

So, that’s why there is a need for a marketing research process. Marketers conduct a market research process to determine the behaviour of consumers. The changes in consumer behaviour could be:
Taste and preferences
Entrance of new product in the market.
Changes in Competitor’s product price
Substitute Products, etc.

Now let’s understand the marketing research process.

Marketing Research Process

Step 1: Define the Problem.
Every organisation has to make a major decision to search out the issue or case for which the research is to be executed. Marketers should appropriately define the problem. It should not be too unclear. Otherwise, it would result in a wastage of resources. So, the researchers should clearly define the problems or the cases.
Researchers should be focused on:
What should be researched?
What are the reasons to perform the research? Etc.

Step 2: Developing the Research Plan.
The second step to develop the research approaches is to explore the data and information through various modes. There are two modes to perform the research:
Primary Research
Secondary Research

Primary Research have to be gathered by the marketer, and for so, the Following research could perform:

Observational Research:

Observational research means gathering the data by observing things.
The marketer can gather the information by talking friendly with customers to determine their experiences with the product.

Focus Group Research:

It is a group discussion whereby five to ten people come and discuss a particular or common topic provided by the moderator. A moderator is a leader who performs the group discussion (G.D). Moderator is the person who pertains to group dynamics skills.

Experimental research:

The marketer does it to know the cause and effect relationships. Marketing research is performed to examine the effects of consumer behaviour changes because of changes in a product’s features.

Behavioural Data:

Customers buy the goods and services from the shop describing their behaviour and choices. It is the best research of the customers rather than questions filled in the questionnaire form.

Contact Methods:

The marketer has to select the mode through which the contact is made with the respondents. Various modes to contact the respondent is:
Electronic mails
Telephone, etc.

Secondary Research:

The Researchers also fetch the data by obtaining the secondary data. Secondary data are:
Magazines, etc.

Step 3: Collect the Information.

It is amongst the pricey marketing research methods. At this step of the marketing research process, the marketer has to obtain the ways to gather the data and facts. Marketers or researchers may find it hard to gather the data due to the respondents’ biases.

Step 4: Examine the Information.

After collecting the information, the fourth step is to examine the information. Maintained the data in such a manner that it became easy to analyze it. The researchers use statistical techniques to conduct the analysis. For example:
Dispersion measures.
Advanced decision approaches are applied to analyze or examine the data or information.

Step 5: Demonstrate the Findings.

The next step is to demonstrate the output, and the analysis is presented to the management’s higher authorities. They are presented to the top-level management to make better decisions for the organisation:
Board of Directors (BOD)
Chief Executive Officer(CEO)
Managers, etc.

Step 7: Decision making.

After presenting the findings to the BOD, manager, or CEO, it is the last and sixth step of market research. It is totally on them, or it is their turn to make effective decisions.
Let’s Wrap It Up!
Thus, we can say that marketing research gathers all the relevant information about the market and designs the marketing strategies accordingly. We have discussed the marketing research and marketing research process in this blog. We hope this blog will help in learning the market research process. If you have any doubt about the market research process, kindly comment below. We will shortly connect with you. Stay connected for further updates.

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