Use The Ultimate Ways Split PDF into Multiple Files

We receive a lot of queries related to how a user can split PDF into Multiple files. PDF is the most preferred option to store/save data, sharing via mail users. However, when it comes to dividing the PDF file into multiple files then it becomes difficult for some users to perform the splitting task.

So, if you are in the same situation and are looking for a perfect solution then read this article as it explains some simple methods to separate a PDF into multiple files.

Let’s get into the solution and understand what these methods are, and which one is the suitable method.

Split PDF into Multiple Files With the Help of Adobe Acrobat Web

Using Adobe Acrobat Web could be a solution to break PDF into multiple files. using any device with an internet connection, users can split files easily. Here the user doesn’t require to download any software. They will need to only upload the PDF file and then navigate to the “Split PDF pages on Acrobat Web“, then hit on the “Select a file” option on the screen.

Note – This method is useful for those who want to split PDF files into several files on an urgent basis. Also using the online application increases the risk of losing data.

Break PDF into Several Small Files Using Google Browser

Using Google Chrome is also the best method to split PDF into multiple files. For extracting a few pages from PDF files, this solution could be used. Follow the instruction properly.

1. Right-click on the PDF file and select “Open with Google Chrome

2. The PDF file will one in Chrome, now press the print icon and “Select Save as PDF

3. Now go to the “Custom” option from the pages drop-down.

4. Enter or select the pages you want to extract, separated by commas. Users can also mention the range of 4-8.

5. After splitting, rename and save your PDF file.

This method can also be used, but the user will need to split multiple PDF files multiple times which is a time-consuming task.

Using Adobe Acrobat DC Pro to Divide PDF Into Multiple Files

Another method could be by using adobe Acrobat DC Pro, which is a full version, which provides various facilities to Extract, Merge, Add Signatures, Compress and many more. Using this tool, you can split PDF into Multiple files. Follow the steps and divide your PDF documents.

1. Launch the Adobe Acrobat application and select the file you want to split.

2. Then press the “Tools” option available on the top right of the application.

3. Now a wide range of tools will be displayed, select “Organize pages” from the tool’s menu.

4. In the Drop-down list choose “Split document” from the given options.

5. Enter the number of pages or maximum by which you want to split the document and press “OK”.

6. Finally, rename individual files after dividing them and for multiple files repeat the same process.

This way you can separate a PDF into Multiple files using the method. Also, if the PDF is secured then the user must know the password to open and split the PDFs.

The Ultimate Solution To Split PDF into Multiple Files Using Simple Steps

Looking at the above-mentioned methods, we see that they are certain limitations which are associated with them. So, there is an ideal and perfect solution from all aspects. Using PDFWare’s PDF File Splitter is the best option to simply separate multiple PDF files in batch. Moreover, the tool has an interactive UI which makes it easier to split PDF into Multiple files. Also, the utility is capable to split up secured or restricted PDF files easily.

Apart from this the tool doesn’t have any file size restriction and can break a large PDF file into smaller files based on the Page Range, Number, Size, single page, even or odd pages etc. The software works on both Windows and Mac OS.

Steps for Break Large PDF Files into Different PDF Files Using the Software

  • Firstly, Download and Run the software and select the “Split” option.
Split PDF into Multiple files
  • Now, insert the PDF files to break them into smaller files using Add File/Folder.
add pdf files to the tool
  • Now, type down the password, if the PDF files have one, or else the user can continue the process.
enter the password for the pdf files
  • Then, under the Split/Merge tab, users have the option to split the PDF by multiple aspects like page, Page Range, or Size.
set the destination to save pdfs
  • Finally, use the Change Option to set the location and save the files. Now, hit the Split button to split PDF file into multiple files.
Split PDF into Multiple files

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Generally, people use PDF format as a document accessing or sharing resource. But when it requires to split PDF into Multiple files, users do face issues like searching for the best and easy method. So, in this post we have discussed some solutions which can help users to break PDF into multiple files without having any issues. This article explains some manual approaches and a professional solution which is an effective method to use.

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