Top Things You Should Know About KTM RC 200 – Best Traveling Bike

Since it was launched, the RC 200 has been praised for the engaging riding experience it delivered to riders. The latest iteration of the bike takes the performance quotient up by several notches. The previous generations of the bike were a bit uncomfortable to ride but that is not the case anymore.

The following sections highlight the many positive sides of the KTM RC 200.

Here goes – 

Overall quality

The RC 200’s latest iteration has a quality quotient that is way better than its previous iterations. For instance, the paint finish of the bike does justice to the price tag of the vehicle. Furthermore, the panels installed on the bike are made from high-quality plastic. The gaps between panels are negligible which is a bonus as it reduces vibrations when the engine is pushed hard. KTM even made sure that the nuts and bolts used on the bike are robust.

The new 200 RC looks appealing and welcoming for riders from all segments. The design language of the bike is sharper than ever. The latest iteration of the bike looks mature, elegant and has quite the road presence.

Comfort factor

Similar to other KTM bikes in India, the RC 200 to is a track-ready, racing-inspired machine. But that doesn’t mean that it is not comfortable. Sure the riding stance is a bit aggressive for daily commutes. It could also be a bit uncomfortable when the bike is ridden for long hours during a bike trip. But one must remember, it is a compact sports bike and the stance is part of the package.

The ride height is a bit tall and short riders might struggle a bit to get on the saddle. But when they do, they will immediately be shocked that the bike is quite comfortable. 

The best part about the latest iteration of the bike is its adjustable clip-on handlebar. The height of the handlebar can be adjusted to the rider’s preference. If one doesn’t want to sit with an aggressive stance, they can always adjust the handlebar height.

The seat design on the bike is also redesigned. The saddle is now equipped with padding in all the right places. The pillion seat is positioned a bit high – granted. But as soon as the pillion rider secures a position on the seat, they can remain there for hours. Furthermore, the bike is equipped with grab rails so that the pillion rider can secure their position at cruising speeds.

Performance factor

The latest version of the RC 200 is powered by the same 199.5 CC, BS6-compliant, single-cylinder, fuel-injected, liquid-cooled engine.

The power and torque figures remain unaltered and stand at 25.4bhp and 19.5Nm respectively. The bike now comes with a bigger air intake that enables the engine to deliver strong low-end torque. The bike’s cooling unit is also re-engineered which allows it to keep the engine cool even in stop-and-go traffic conditions.

The bike’s engine is more refined now. One can ride the bike in the 40 – 45 KMPH revenge on the sixth gear without stalling the engine. The power delivery of the engine is linear. The bike remains mellow until the 6,000 RPM range. After that, the true character of the bike comes out. The gearbox of the bike promotes effortless shifts. The clutch is light and promotes aggressive downshifts with ease.


The bike handles like a breeze. It can be categorised as sharp and well-balanced. The overall behaviour of the bike is predictable. Riders can confidently take on corners and overtakes without breaking a sweat. The handlebar performs precisely. Riders who prefer leaning won’t have any issues with that. Hence, hairpin bends and long sweeps can be tackled in a fun and aggressive manner.

Is it worth a rider’s money?

The latest iteration of the RC 200 is not only engaging but also more practical. The engine is refined and more responsive. The fit and finish of the bike ooze quality. The handling and overall road behaviour of the bike promote riding confidence. There was a heating issue in the previous iterations of the bike. It is absent in the current generation of the RC 200. In the end, it can be stated without a doubt that buying the bike is not a bad idea!

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