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Top Occasions Where You Can Give Roses as Gifts

Are you confused about what to gift someone on days like anniversaries, birthdays, or just as a matter of some apology? If yes, then trust us, there is no better option than roses. No matter what the situation is, roses can always get your job done.

A symbol of love, compassion, beauty, purity, and positivity, roses represent your emotions perfectly. Besides, roses possess all the power to make your special one feel the depth of your emotions and accept it wholeheartedly. Roses like Anniversary roses can make life moments memorable for a lifetime.

Today, let’s talk about different occasions where you can give roses as gifts.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day tops the list of days when roses are of much significance. It is the Day of love, and Valentine’s month is one of the most popular seasons to give roses to your loved ones. Honestly, nothing can replace the happiness of receiving a box of chocolate and stemmed red roses on this special day from your partner. During Valentine’s week, the florist gets a lot of flower delivery orders, the highest being a bouquet of fresh red roses. This day is not just the occasion for lovers to express their love and affection, but even for others to show appreciation with flower gifting. Roses can be given to any dear friend or colleague to show appreciation and love.

Though Valentine’s Day is celebrated with red roses, one can even give pink and yellow ones to friends. You can opt for long-lasting roses that will help you embrace the moments of togetherness. Besides, other popular Valentine’s flowers include pink lily, tulips, and alstroemeria.

Mother’s Day

Mother is the only person who understands you even without saying a word. She can read your face and know what’s going on inside your mind, even if you hold a fake smile on your face. So make her day memorable with eternity red roses. Whenever she looks at them, they’ll remind her of you and those precious moments she enjoyed with you.


Without any doubt, selecting a perfect gift is difficult, especially when it has to be a birthday gift. Opt for everlasting roses that come in a huge variety of visually-pleasing colors and arrangements, which perfectly suit every occasion. You can choose the best birthday roses in different colors in your bouquet and surprise your near and dear ones.

While Asking For an Apology

Did you just make someone angry by being a jerk? But, they say, actions speak louder than words, so how about apologizing without saying sorry? Get a nice bouquet of roses or rose arrangements in a box and send it to them with a small apology note. This will make them realize your guilt and even make them feel happy and appreciate your act of love and care.

This way, they will forgive you and be back in business with you. Soft colored roses will best fit this purpose like pink, white, or orange, though you can get a red rose if she is your girlfriend or your beloved wife.


Celebrating the most precious moment of your life together is a moment of joy in itself. So bundle up the pleasures of togetherness and love by recreating the moments and making them even more memorable and everlasting. Your anniversary is certainly one of the best times to surprise your partner and express to them how much you love them. One of the most beautiful ways to mark this beautiful day is to order a bouquet of eternity roses that your partner likes. You can choose from the most opted-for colors – red, orange, pink, and white.

Remember that different colors of rose signify different things. Red being the color of passion and love depicts the presence of affection and love, the orange color symbolizes enthusiasm and passion. Likewise, pink represents joy, and white stands for appreciation and admiration. The color you choose will depict your true emotions on the best day of your life.

Visiting Someone’s Home

It’s a good gesture to never go empty-handed whenever you visit someone’s home. Not only does it look unethical, but it also reflects as you you aren’t bothered about them. Moreover, it won’t leave a good impression of you. Therefore, when you are visiting someone’s home on invitation or by yourself, always take a flower bouquet along with sweets or cake. While selecting the right flowers in your bouquet, never forget to add lavender rose, as they are depictive of admiration.

To Express Sympathy

Sometimes you may come across situations where you may get short of words to express your deep emotions. In such situations, we need help from other things. When going for anyone’s funeral or showing sympathy to the deceased’s loved ones, you can take flowers along with them. You can choose some light-colored roses like the white ones for such instances. White symbolizes purity and innocence and will be perfect for such situations.These were just some of the occasions on which you can gift box of roses to your loved ones or people who are close to you. It’s time that you get a nice arrangement of roses as per the occasion to bring a smile to the faces of your near and dear ones.

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