Top 6 Healthy Meal Options For Dinner

If you are a big foodie, you know how difficult it is to control your craving for spicy 2x spicy ramen noodles . It is one thing to eat food to satisfy hunger and a whole other thing to eat food for the taste buds. Many of us do not even think twice before ordering our favourite food because we feel that preparing a delicious dinner is a complicated process. However, that’s not true! 

When it comes to healthy meals, the best cooking formula is to keep it simple. Keeping simple means choosing recipes that are easy to follow and do not involve complicated cooking techniques. We understand it is easy to say when you are not the one who is cooking! Fortunately, we are here to help you!

Top 6 Easy to Cook Healthy Meal options for your Dinner

1 – Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 

Sweet potatoes are full of beneficial nutrients like carbohydrates, vitamin C, potassium, and fibre. They are delicious in taste and mix well with a variety of dishes. In addition, they are quite simple to prepare. Just roast potato and stuff it with your favourite ingredients like veggies, beans, babybel cheese, and bread. This meal is quite versatile, and you can cook a variety of flavour combinations. For example, go with a simple potato bread sandwich, or mix up your favourite ingredients on the roasted sweet potato. 

2 – Grain Bowls 

If you are craving some flavoury yet easy-to-prepare meal, adaptable grain bowls are the go-to option. Depending upon your personal preference, you can opt for gluten-free grains or grain bowls, including farro, millet, and barley. Grains are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals. More so, studies have found that diets rich in grains are linked to a lower risk of several health conditions, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. To prepare a grain bowl, just toss the cooked grains on top of raw veggies and it’s done. You can also include protein-rich sources like chicken or dizzy of olive oil and lemon juice to enhance the flavors. 

3 – Veggie Loaded Omelette

Eggs are the most versatile and easy to prepare a meal. We often consume eggs in our daily life to fulfil our protein requirements and enjoy a delicious dinner. But what if we tell you that you can make your regular egg omelette even tastier? All you need to do is add a variety of your favourite veggies on top of the omelette. You can include any veggies like spinach, sweet potato, onions, broccoli, or mushroom. Additionally, you can also go for ingredients like baby bel cheese, herbs, species, or pesto to add an extra flavour. 

4 – Brown Rice Pasta 

Everyone loves to eat pasta dishes, But sadly, not all pasta contains the essential protein and fibre content. However, the good news is that you have a few simple tips for creating a delicious and healthy filling nutritious pasta dinner in no time. First, pick your favourite brown rice pasta. Next, pick a healthy source of protein like chicken or chickpeas. After that, include your favourite veggies. Lastly, add a sauce, such as olive oil, for flavouring. Furthermore, if you are following a low carb diet, you can also opt for 2x Spicy ramen Noodles in place of pasta, 

5 – Curry 

There is nothing more delicious than eating curry in the cold winter. Curry is a smart option for taste, filling, and easy to make dinner meal. More so, researchers have proven that eating curry regularly can help in improving your health by reducing heart disease, risk factors, and blood sugar levels. Curry recipes hardly take 30 minutes or less to get prepared. To prepare a delicious curry meal, you can include chickpea or sweet potato during the winter months and serve it over rice. 

6 – One-Pot Soups 

If you are tired of eating veggies and meals, a bowl of soup would be a great choice for you. Soups are perhaps the easiest to prepare and make a healthy and fulfilling meal. Similar to all other meals, you can include your favourite veggies in the soup according to your taste. So, if you are feeling the winter chills or do not feel like cooking, you can opt for a hot bowl of soup. 

The Bottom Line 

Now you know what to cook for your next dinner to make it delicious and healthy! You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen with complicated recipes to prepare dinner for your family. All the recipes listed above are quite simple to cook and contain all the essential nutrients for your body. However, if you are still not feeling like cooking for dinner. You can simply grab babybel cheese to make a cheese sandwich burger or any other cheese-friendly dish that is healthy and easy to prepare. 

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