Top 5 U.S. States to Spend Family Vacations

Different people have different definitions of family. Family may mean much to some and mean nothing to others. Family may mean or include members of the nuclear or extended family to one person, and it might mean a group of ride-or-die friends to another. Whatever your definition is, so be it. However, due to the challenges that come with life, everyone has to deal with them one way or another. No matter how tight-knit a family is, everyone grows up and separates eventually. Because it is life. In some instances, family members are apart for years, scattered across the globe. This is why it is very important when all members make time and try to come back together. Nothing like a good family reunion or get-together. Different families choose to spend time together in different ways. However, one of those ways is by traveling and going on vacations. There are many places in the USA that families can visit on vacations. Here are the top U.S states with amazing tourist sites that families can consider for their visit.

Some of these tourist spots are accessible by car. Therefore, if you are visiting and you do not have a means of transport, you can rent a car. A larger vehicle like a van will probably be more convenient if you are with the whole family. There are rental vans agencies at every location. You just need to find the one nearest to you. You can book one at van rental in Phoenix


This city is a popular destination for families because of the ambiance and kid-friendly activities it offers. There are many islands, theme parks, and beaches with tons of attractive sites and activities to do. In places like the Wart Disney land resort, Magic Kingdom Park, Everglades National Park, etc., one can go on tours, have encounters with animals, see shows, have picnics, ride the Rollercoaster, hike or walk along the trails, camp, bike, and do much other fun stuff. Its cities are also famous for their beautiful beaches where one can partake in water activities such as swimming, boating, diving, snorkeling, and many more. The springs, museums, art exhibits, architecture, nightlife, art, and cultural scene, restaurants, hotels, and shops are overlooked. They are part of what makes the city a top place for vacation.


This most populous state in the whole country is famous for its connection with the Hollywood industry. The attractive, relaxing view here favors both indoor and outdoor adventure. Diverse families can experience and explore their different passions here. There are numerous restaurants for those who love trying out foods, wine-tasting spots, places to carry out outdoor activities such as camping, resorts, and hotels for accommodation, parks, museums, beaches, and many more. The arts and culture here are not excluded. Popular places here are the Yosemite Island Park, Disneyland, Los Angeles County Museum of art, Golden Gate Bridge, etc. 

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You can rent a car to use as a means of transport whilst touring any of these places. Also, bear in mind that the car rental company might charge a certain percentage for car rental taxes. However, do not worry much; the taxes are very cheap in California.


This state is the only U.S. state that has countless islands. It is located in the Pacific Ocean, thousands of miles outside North America. Due to the extensive islands here, the picturesque view here is one of the best. If your family is looking for a quiet, relaxing place to get away from the rest of the world, this place is it. The landscapes, sandy beaches, and stretch of sea on the islands are a remarkable sight to its visitors. There are resorts, aquariums, parks, and other tourist attractions that welcome both kids and adults. Maui and Oahu Islands are one of the top recommended. Diverse families can visit here and have the best time.

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This state is famous for its history, especially for its connection with music. There are great tourist points in different cities no matter where you choose to visit. A city like Nashville has the Grand Ole Opry and the Music Hall of Fame. Memphis, which is also known as the city of rock and roll music, has the Elvis Presley Graceland, sun studio, and other museums. There are also theme parks such as Dollywood and the Great Smoky Mountains National parks that are kid-friendly. Other attraction sites include varieties of museums, Cade’s coves, Tennessee aquarium, trails, falls, zoos, cafes, and many more.

North Carolina

One can experience an amazing amount of entertainment at the diverse attractions places located in this city. Places such as the Ashville, the mountains, the different museums, gardens, etc. offer fun outdoor adventure. However, the Outer Banks of North Carolina is the most popular spot for families. This is because this simple place has an open sea view that allows people to just relax, take in the view and enjoy the calm rhythm of the sea and nature. This place is also very affordable therefore; the whole family can have a great vacation here on a budget.

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If the above-mentioned states are not to your satisfaction, you can check out other top U.S states to visit with kids that are not in this article. 

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