Some Pantry Essentials in Kitchen for Spice Lovers

It’s no secret that spices and seasonings are the key reasons behind any good recipe and tasty dish. All our dishes would be left bland in their absence, missing that extra burst of flavor, heat, and sweetness. However, with a huge variety of ingredients stocked up in every grocery store to choose from on the spice aisle, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the right pantry essentials spices to stock up on and which to leave behind.

If you are a beginner in cooking or are working on cleaning out your overcrowded spice cabinet,  there are a handful of spices, herbs, and seasonings like salt, turmeric powder 50gm, etc., that you should count on using in the future.

Some of the dry ingredients to be stocked in your pantry Essentialsat all times.


Salt is the king of all seasonings and is necessary for every recipe. But with numerous salt varieties available, it somewhat becomes difficult to choose the right one to keep stocked at all times. One such versatile and flaky salt type is the Kosher salt. It works wonders in any dish that calls for the savory mineral.


After salt, black pepper is the second most important seasoning to keep on hand at all times. You can opt for pre-ground pepper to save you a little extra labor. But if you need a robust flavor go for whole black peppercorns ground in a pepper mill.

Dried Oregano

Love munching on pizzas and pasta? If yes, then you must be familiar with Oregano. It is a dried herb with a pungent earthy, aromatic flavor that works well in various cuisines, ranging from Italian to Mexican.

This rare herb is often preferred in its dried form over fresh. Oregano is an amazing dehydrated ingredient and makes a fantastic, irreplaceable addition to any pantry.

Dried Rosemary

Dried rosemary makes a powerful addition to many dishes and is popular amongst all for its peppery flavor and deep pine aroma. We can use it in light Mediterranean salads for herb-laced baked goods. But remember to use this herb in the right quantities as its sharp flavor can quickly overwhelm a dish.

Red Pepper Flakes

Red chili peppers make a subtly spicy addition in any kitchen, perfect for adding slight heat and flavors depth to dishes. These are generally used in pasta sauces and Asian stir-frys. Pepper flakes are available in both crushed and whole flake forms, making it a crucial ingredient for any spice lover to own in the pantry.


It is a sweet, nutty spice loaded with peppery heat hints, making it a wonderfully complex ingredient to cook with. Although it is a great addition to both sweet and savory dishes, it is best to use it in rich, warm dishes like soups, fall pies, and roasted winter vegetable recipes.

Chilli Powder

This warm spice blend is typically composed of a variety of ground chilis, paprika, oregano, garlic powder, and onion. Chilli powder is a versatile mix and can be efficiently used in a wide range of spice-infused dishes. Sprinkle this powder over roasted vegetables to add flavors and colors too. Add it in requisite quantities or as per the taste for a quick kick of heat, or mix it into sauces, soups, and chilis for added warmth.


Cinnamon is another common use as a spice in sweet dishes like pastries, desserts, and other sugary dishes. This aromatic spice also makes a nice addition to savory recipes, balancing them with a subtle sweetness. Not to forget that it has several health benefits, so you must try your hands on it.


Cloves give one of the most powerful flavors in any spice or seasoning. This spice is meant to be used in moderation. When used in correct quantities, this pungent, sweet-and-spicy ingredient is sure to add a great depth of warmth and sweetness to any dish.


It is a nutty, warm spice that adds rich flavors to any dish you add it to. It is more commonly used in spicy dishes, ranging from Indian curries to Mexican chili sauces. Available as both whole and ground, it is the most flavorful when toasted in its whole form and further when you ground it right before use. However,  for everyday cooking, pre-ground cumin will do the trick.

Curry Powder

It is another popularly and commonly used colorful spice blend that is composed of turmeric, coriander, cumin, and fenugreek. Recognizable by its bold mustard yellow tone, this complex and earthy flavored powder makes an amazing addition to rich, savory dishes.

Final Words

These were only some of the essential spices is one of the cornerstones of a well-stocked pantry. A solid selection of spices like turmeric, paprika, nutmeg, chili powder, etc., will give so much versatility in the kitchen. To buy turmeric powder in bulk, check out Amaour Spices.

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