Your Roles and Responsibilities for Your Intercity House Move

House shifting, office shifting, commercial shifting, or personal vehicle shifting… You need to plan things ahead of time. You need to plan the most important criteria for the move like the moving day and the moving budget. When you plan the budget, make sure that you have enough money left for the monthly expenses.

When you are planning the moving day, it should be a month away from the current date. You need to prepare for your move all this while. There are several roles and responsibilities on a moving day as well. But it all depends on your preparation and how that moving day will be.

The first thing that you need to do for your preparation is to create a checklist and follow it till the day of your move arrives. Choose to move with a moving company and choose a genuine and reputed moving company. You need to make sure that the moving company can take care of your relocation needs and fits your bill. You should also visit the office of the moving company to check their credentials. Even after you find a suitable packers and movers Kolkata to Chennai service provider, you cannot depend on them for the entire process. You need to carry out the roles and responsibilities that are needed to make the move a successful one.

Following is a list of the 7 simple yet important roles and responsibilities on your moving day:

1. Be present on that day

When you are considering a house move; only you will know where the particular things are kept in the house. None other than you will be able to state your preferences and requirements. Even though you need to plan the move and prepare for the move, you still have some important responsibilities on a moving day. If there is an emergency and you are not able to present on the day of the move, you should ask some responsible person to take over your responsibilities for that day. Make sure that your mobile phone is charged so that the packers and movers can call you whenever needed.

2. Reserve a parking spot

This part of the shifting process should be done as a preparatory task for the moving day. You should do this before the packers and movers arrive at your place on the day of the move. Go to your society office and ask them about the rules and regulations regarding the parking of outside vehicles. Let them know that you will be shifting and that the moving truck will be parked for a whole day in the society. Reserve a specific parking slot for the truck. Be present when the moving vehicle arrives on a moving day to show them the reserved area.

3. Clear out the driveway

Reserving the parking slot is essential and so is the fact that you keep the driveway clutter-free. Make sure that there is no obstacle in the way of the moving vehicle to cause unnecessary delay. Fallen branches of trees, uprooted trees, huge potholes, open sewage lines, parked vehicles, stray animals, or children playing on the way cause hindrance on the way of the moving truck. So, you need to go on a routine inspection through the driveway and clear out the space so that the moving truck can make a smooth thoroughfare.

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4. Direct the moving team inside

When the packers and movers in Kolkata come to your place on a moving day, you should greet them and show them around the house. Show them the rooms and the pieces of furniture and appliances. You should also show them the washroom and the washbasin so that they can freshen up when needed. If you have a pet or some valuable items that you don’t want them to handle, you should keep these inside a separate room. Show this particular room to the movers and packers and ask them not to intrude into it.

5. Be a good host

The packers and movers sometimes take on two projects on the same day during the peak season. Thus, they may arrive at your place in an exhausted state. Even if they come to your place early in the morning, you should be a good host to them. Give them some bottles of drinking water. Serve them some tea or coffee with some biscuits as refreshments. When it is time for lunch, you should give them some extra money to buy lunch. Again, provide them with a good ambience as they carry out your shifting needs. During the winter, you should keep the windows and doors shut and turn the blower on. During the summers, make sure that the fans are on.

6. Make provisions for your kids and pets

You may have kids or pets in your family. During house shifting, you need to take special care of them. The entire process of packing and loading the goods on the moving vehicle is a time-taking job. Kids get bored amidst these activities and pets feel fidgeted seeing so many strangers in the house. Hence, you need to make provisions for them before the packers and movers arrive.

For the kids, you should make them a special hamper with art and craft supplies, snacks, candies, chocolates, story books, video games, and board games. If you have pets, you should keep their food and water bowls filled, treats, and snacks, along with their favourite toys, blanket, etc. The kids and pets should be occupied with their provisions.

7. Supervise the moving team

The packers and movers are experts in their regular job of packing and moving your goods from one place to another. They will not need your assistance in their job. But they will need your suggestions and instructions to carry out the shifting tasks according to your preferences. Be present during the packing and loading tasks. If they ask you about something, be there to answer their queries. If you need to go out somewhere for some time, you should carry your mobile phone so that you are available to answer their doubts.


The packers and movers are aware of their roles and responsibilities regarding their profession. But you need to take care of your roles and responsibilities so that you can move in an organised manner. Follow the 7 simple yet important roles and responsibilities on your moving day to make your move an uncomplicated experience. If you want to hire the best movers and packers from Kolkata to Chennai, make sure you hire a legitimate company. Make sure the company you choose is licenced, registered, and experienced. Good luck!

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