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Real Estate Text Message Ideas

As SMS Broadcast for real estate can be new, sellers and buyers prefer text messages as their engagement tool these days. A real estate text gets a sharp response and could prompt additional conversation person to person via mobile. Let’s see how can you use SMS for real estate that easily enhances your business with more open rates and clicks rates. 

1. Send the Photos Of The Property 

Many SMS for real estate services such as Guni SMS access people to more services to enhances that include pictures, video than just sending a text. It is trying the best way to speed up the prospect’s decision by using a beautiful photo you are thinking of selling. Send videos and photos and maximize the chances of prospects to view your prospects.

2. Open House SMS

Realtors can send time-sensitive details by sending SMS regarding offers and open houses for the potential clients rapidly than an email and a call. Also, texting could save you a good time, making you avoid making needless calls to the people who aren’t interested in the offer anymore.


Hi Swetha, we hope you are living dry this rainy week. These are the upcoming open houses you can be interested in:

Open House/address

Open House/address

If you want to visit them, text me back—text STOP to unsubscribe to the messages.

3. Send reminders and alerts

SMS appointment reminders work great for every sector and also in real estate too. Utilizing SMS broadcasts to remind prospects and clients of house showings is the best way to lessen the no-shows and ensure that people are well prepared. Bulk texts can remind people about firms meetings or inform them about any important or time-sensitive information. Send the agency’s price drop alerts, new home listings to the real estate accessible for them through our simple and fast texting software for the real estate!


Hey Peter, 

There is a 5% boost in the sale price of the homes in Delhi and its surrounding regions. Check the stats (Add link here) – Relator today

4. Engage with past consumers 

Let’s break with the cold consumers again. Never be shy to check in your cold contacts who are thinking to sell or buy. By doing these, few of them can appreciate to talk you again.

Here, Automated text messages help you to stay close to them.


Hi Ravi, It’s already been a year since you purchased your sweet home, can you believe it. Congrats.

Which is the best SMS for Real Estate to try? 

Utilizing the perfect SMS Broadcast platform is a huge investment for real estate. It empowers people to reach good renders or buyers effortlessly that saves you good money. How does it? 

  • Start a one-on-one text engagement with the renter or clients
  • Boost engagement and attendance through scheduling reminders.
  • Attract the new clients by using special calls to action and keywords with affordable bulk SMS services.

Guni SMS is affordable software that involves every advanced tool and feature. Guni SMS is a cost-effective tool that offers many benefits to brokers, real estate business owners, agents, and more. From above, we can clearly understand that text messaging is useful and a crucial tool for integrating into the marketing strategy. Contact our experts to know more. 

As you are looking for the best bulk SMS services I would recommend you Guni SMS. Through Guni SMS you can create a powerful message you like to convey to your customers at timely delivery.  With an easy-to-use interface, you can deliver single or bulk text messages to any phone number through the web browser. No need to install any software and no code to decode  – Guni SMS is like your personal SMS broadcast platform. 

The best thing about gunisms is that you get 20 messages for free with sign-up without the need of adding any card details. That gives you the best option to see how this can work for you and with Guni SMS you can pay for just the thing that you utilize.

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