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Prank Which Makes Your Sister Feel Shocked

You or anyone, why do a prank you do it because you want happiness and a sense of joy in your life. So for this thing, you pull a prank on someone, but if you do this prank on your sister, then you receive this thing in a very huge number. Because she is someone, with her you fight a lot, not only in your free time but in a busy time. She is someone who has been with you since childhood.

So there are a lot of things and pranks, which both of you do with each other. But the hearts of both people don’t get full, and you want to pull some more pranks on her also. You know, when a brother is thinking about pranking his sister. Then the brother gets a lot of ideas about the prank. You also have some ideas, which you can use for pulling the prank on your sister. No matter, whether your sister lived with you or not, you can pull a prank on her.

Here Are Some Prank Ideas You Can Do

Look change 

Know the look change is a thing, which is a good or bad thing, both it depends on you, how you use it. want to pull a prank on your sister, then what you can do, you can change your look in that weird way, that when your sister sees it. Also can change your look with the dress you got as a birthday gift. Whether your sister gets scared with it or confused with it. The confusion is why your sister thinks you change your look like this. When you get that your sister believes that your looks change, after that what you can do. You can remove that tape or make-up, which you have used for changing your look. But not in a hurry only after, when you get this believe that your prank gets successful. So do this look changes prank on your sister. 

Ping of messages

People like to chat or text message, but you know what people like in a limited period or number. So what you can do, you can start to ping the message to your sister as much as you can do. You can do this thing, at that time until your sister switches off her phone or blocks you from messaging her. So wait for that time, when your sister does this thing that tells her about this thing, that you are just pulling a ping of a message prank on her. Your sister gets nothing about it, and you become successful in your prank. So do this ping of a message prank on your sister, whenever you want to do this prank on your sister. 

Dig a hole 

You can do this prank, whether on clay or the beach, because if you do this prank on any other place, then your sister may get injured or not only injured but get some very serious injury issue also. You can buy carnations online and give them to your sister, after this dig hole prank. So in this prank, what you can do is dig a hole in the sand, if you are pulling this prank on the beach. After digging the hole, what you can do is cover the hole with the mat, which you are using for sleeping or sitting. When you cover it with the mat, after that you can ask your sister to come and sit on it. So when your sister comes, then she falls into the sand hole which you made for her. So this prank you can pull on your sister also. 

Pull sleeping bag 

The sleeping bag is a thing which your sister might use for sleeping. what you can do, you can pull that sleeping bag, which your sister uses for sleeping. by pulling that sleeping bag, you can pull a prank on your sister also. do this pull sleeping bag on your sister. 

You know, many times in your childhood you or your sister made, scared of each other with weird faces. So what you can do, you can use that idea and pull a prank on her, by showing the look of your change. If this idea doesn’t work, then what you can do is pull the sleeping bag of her in which she is sleeping or sleep at this moment. So there are a lot of ideas, which you can have or you can get whenever you have this thing. So think about that prank idea, which you think is best for pulling on your sister and then pulling it on her.

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