Not to Do List Before Getting a Massage

Planning to have a relaxing weekend and indulge in taking a massage using a body relaxer massager? Well, to have a great massage experience and get the results you are looking for, you must keep in mind a  few things. This list will help ensure that. 

1. Don’t Sunburn

Skin becomes inflamed and highly irritated When your skin is sunburned. This usually happens over large body portions like the back and shoulders. Using a booster massage gun isn’t a good idea while your skin is burned because we have to work through the skin to affect the muscles. Also, the massage is likely to affect the circulatory system. If you get sunburn, plan to use your body massager some other day.

2. Don’t Caffeinate

Intake of coffee or caffeinated drinks just before getting a massage can be enough to prevent you from relaxing completely during your session. Somewhere in your head, you’ll end up making lists and reviewing things from work instead of lounging on a beachside watching the waves. Your body will be tense and end up fighting against the therapist. So, instead, relax and drink plenty of water before you begin!

3. Don’t Eat a Heavy Meal

Getting massages usually puts pressure on your back and, ultimately, your stomach. It is advisable to avoid having any large meal sitting there because you may feel as if you will pop. Though it’s absolutely fine to eat a normal meal before you begin.

4. Don’t Run a Marathon

Many athletes and gym enthusiasts indulge in massages before and after a major sporting event. Certain sporting events like Marathons, Triathlons, and Extreme Sports are extremely exhausting for the body. Give yourself complete rest for about a day or two before you plan to relax your muscles with a massager. Trust us; your body will definitely appreciate this.

5. Don’t Apply Oil or Lotion

It is smart, courteous, and highly preferred to take a nice shower just before a massage. But remember that you must not apply any lotion or oil to your skin. After your personal choice for skin moisturizer, using a booster high-intensity percussive massager may be problematic.

6. Avoid Applying Topical Medications, Patches, or Tapes

Any topical medication that you apply to your skin is likely to spread across your entire body during the massage. Also, performance tapes and patches can make you from using the booster percussion massage gun while avoiding the area that really needs focus.

7. Don’t Take Pain Medication as Prescribed

If the pain is high enough that you can’t resist taking medication, then it is best to reschedule your massage. Pain medications, muscle relaxers, and mood stabilizers can interfere with your perception of pain. Also, in case you take any medication for thinning the blood, you should also avoid that because of the pressure and increase of blood circulation caused during a massage.

8. Get an Empty Bladder!

 If you think it’s fine to “hold it” for hours during a massage, a lot of fluid is being pushed from your tissues into your bloodstream, then into your liver and kidneys. It is then that you may want to pee. It will make you tense up. 

Hope this helps, so, go ahead and have a great massage session.


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