New Born Baby Accessories List

Why choose Raja sahib store over others

New born are handled with extreme care. As they are new to the conditions, environment, and everything. Parents need to protect them from everything because they are sensitive. They are weak and delicate. You cannot give them the thongs you use yourself. Parents look for the best essentials they get from a renowned store. The best store for this shopping is Raja sahib.

The store is famous for Pakistani brands and multinational brands. They have a product range for everyone. Like for both lesser and greater prices products. Secondly, their focus is on product standards. In their shop, you won’t find any low-standard products.

Under a single roof particularly you would be able to find baby clothes, washing essentials, diapers, feeders, feeder cleaners, bottle sterilizers, extra nipples, sippers, bottles, rattles, stuff toys, changing sheets, headrest, blankets, wrapping sheets, hats, socks, woolen vests, leggings, cots, high chairs and much more. Therefore, it is convenient for parents to visit the store and buy the required items.

Essentials for babies

Bath care essentials

New parents are particular about their babies bathing accessories. They want to buy each accessory for their child. Therefore, this store has a great number of accessories. Under Rs 400 you will get a set of baby essentials. This includes a scissor, nail cutter, thermometer with case, and filer.

So these all are light in weight. Afterward, they are made from good plastic that won’t get damaged easily. For mothers, they are handy, as they can quickly clean the baby with these accessories. Some other kits further include three items like scissor, clipper, and filer.

Also, you can buy baby petroleum jelly for trash removal. It would soothe down the rashes and dryness on the body. Especially on joints and lips. Further, you can get various brands of cotton swabs. They are essential for cleaning super sensitive body parts. The cotton buds are also available in a great quantity in jars. That will help parents to clean the ear wax.

Another baby care kit is available which is RS 800 or so. It includes a scissor, nail clipper, hair brush, comb, thermometer, and dropper. It is complete safety and grooming kit for a newborn. Next, they have sets of hair brushes and comb. The soft bristles make it easier for mothers to comb the tiny hair of newly born. Also, the teeth of the comb are rounded so they font harm the head or scalp. For extra soft texture, you can buy their soft animal hair brush.

Clothing essentials

Get your babies smart and cool hats from this store. They are designed with cartoons and colors. Some even have ears made on the caps. Also, you can buy cotton and woolen socks. Then, you can buy them cute little booties. Some caps come with neck warmers also.

The store has soft cushion-type baby pillows for your babies. Babies can easily rest on them without getting stress on their necks. Particularly, they are of animal shapes or bees shape head protection pillows. For winter, you can buy soft woolen pair of knee pads. To protect their knees from harsh weather.

There are specific detergents for babies’ cloth. They are different from normal ones because they don’t have excess harsh chemical substances. They would keep their clothes soft. Next, they have sets of safety pins. They are available in many colors. Usually, they come in pairs of nine together.

The material used for making them is stainless steel to protect them from damage. You can get a range of bibs. Like some are cartoon shapes, cloth bibs, silicone bibs, and food catcher bibs. Afterward, they face a soft towel to rub on the face and clean it. They come in pairs or sets. Also, they are washable.

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