Kidney Transplant – Is Kidney Transplant Good for You?

A kidney transplant is a surgical process to replace a non-functional kidney with a healthy kidney from a deceased or living donor. The bean-shaped kidneys are located below the rib and on each side of the spine. The size is the same as a fist. The kidney’s main function is to filter and remove waste minerals and fluid from the body through urine. When one or both kidneys lose their filtering ability, toxins start accumulating in the body. These increase blood pressure and lead to kidney failure, which is also known as End-Stage Renal Disease. Moreover, this kidney loses its 90% functioning ability. In this article, we will talk about the causes, ideal candidates for a kidney transplant, and the factors that influence the kidney transplant price in India. So, let’s get started. 

Causes of End-Stage Kidney Disease

End-stage kidney disease or kidney failure can be the result of many ailments and health conditions. The most common diseases are:

  • Polycystic kidney disease
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic high blood pressure
  • Chronic glomerulonephritis is scarring and inflammation of small filters within your kidney known as glomeruli. 

Also, people with kidney failure have to remove waste from their bloodstream through a machine known as dialysis. In fact, in some cases, a kidney transplant is needed. 

Reasons for Kidney Transplant

A kidney transplant is a treatment for kidney failure. It can treat end-stage renal disease or chronic kidney disease, helping you live longer in a healthy state. The benefits of kidney transplant are:

  • Lower death risk
  • Better quality of life
  • Lower treatment costs, and
  • Very few eating restrictions

In fact, some people can also benefit from getting a kidney transplant before going on dialysis. This procedure is known as a pre-emptive kidney transplant. However, in some people with kidney failure, kidney transplant becomes riskier than dialysis. A  few conditions that can prevent you from being the ideal candidate for a kidney transplant are:

  • Age
  • Recently treated or active cancer
  • Severe heart disease
  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Poorly controlled mental illness or dementia

However, if you have both kidney failures, you still need one donated to survive. In case if a compatible living donor is not available at the moment, your name can be put on a waiting list for a kidney transplant to get a kidney from a deceased donor.


A kidney transplant can definitely treat kidney failure or advanced kidney disease. But remember, it is not a cure. In fact, in some cases, odds are, you may have some types of kidney problems. The health risks with a kidney transplant are:

  • Donor organ rejection
  • Side effects of anti-rejection or immunosuppressants

So, if you are wondering if a kidney transplant is right for you, it is important to consider the benefits as well as risks. 


A kidney transplant also comes with many complications that you should never ignore. These complications are:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding and blood clots
  • Blockage of the ureter that links kidney and bladder together
  • Rejection or failure of the donated kidney
  • Heart attack, stroke, and death

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Kidney Transplant

Is a kidney transplant good for you? Well, a kidney transplant is not for everyone. There are a few scenarios in which kidney transplant can be successful, such as:

  • End-Stage Kidney Disease patients on dialysis
  • Advance Chronic kidney disease
  • Patients with chronic kidney disease or need another organ transplant.
  • Patients with type 1 Diabetes 

However, before visiting a doctor, make sure to discuss everything in detail to know if a kidney transplant will work for you.

Factors influence Kidney Transplant Price in India

Indeed, many factors influence a kidney transplant cost in India. These are 

  • Type of donor/transplant
  • Surgeon’s experience
  • Hospital stay duration
  • Room category
  • Tests and medications
  • Other charges like travel, food and more. 

When it comes to kidney transplant costs in India, it starts from USD 13000 onwards. However, it depends on the hospital. If you are also searching for the best hospital for a kidney transplant, but didn’t find the right one, visit Lyfboat. From getting free access to the hospital and doctors’ network and direct communication to getting verified quotes and discounted kidney transplant cost in India, Lyfboat provides everything under one roof.

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