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How to Write an Article Review? The Exact Process

Writing an article review can be a challenging task. But at the same time, it helps you enhance your reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. Essentially, an article review is a study of paper when you gather and present another person’s article. When you know how to write an article review, you can help readers understand various indefinite concepts. It also clarifies many questions in their minds. In this article, you’ll find the exact process of preparing and writing a great article review for your readers.

How to Write an Article Review 

You can never jump straight on writing an article review. It’s essential to prepare for it first. After that, you can write the review and then proofread it.

The Prewriting Process

The prewriting process is all about understanding the meaning of the article, audience and creating a review outline. These explained are further explained below.

1. Understand what article review means 

Firstly, you should never think that your audience is a general one. They already have much knowledge about this topic. Start by briefing about the significant article ideas. Don’t include any new argument. Your review should respond to the author’s research. It should summarize and assess the original article. 

2. Find the setup of the review article

Knowing the manner in which your article review is organized will enable you to understand how you can read the article. As a result, you’ll be able to get the most information and communicate it effectively. It’s important to discuss the article’s positive viewpoints. 

You should also give your stance on what you think the author does well. Additionally, find whether the author has adequately researched the topic or not. 

3. Get an idea of what the author desires to communicate

In this step, go through the article’s title, abstract, headings, and introduction. By doing so, you’ll get a good picture of the article and what is going on in it. So, you will also understand the overall argument.

4. Go through the article very carefully

Now it’s time to read each word of the article carefully and jot down the essential points. Then compare what you have just read with what you understand about the subject. It’s critical to understand what the article says entirely. Otherwise, you cannot write an accurate and good review.

5. Compose the article in your own language

After you have thoroughly read the article and jotted essential points, begin to write. But remember to do so in your own words. Ensure to write each important point accurately and logically. You should also review what you have made and remove any irrelevant things if you find them.

6. Create an outline

Now, you need to review every detail in the original article. Find if the author was right or clear or not. Make a record for weaknesses and strengths. The strength can be a clear summary of a specific issue. On the other hand, a weakness can be something which is not giving any new or valuable information on a topic. 

The Writing Process

After understanding the article, you can proceed to write a review. Follow these stepwise instructions to know how to write an article review.

1. Create a unique title

You can choose among a declarative, descriptive, or interrogative title. The one you choose should align with your article requirements pretty well. 

2. Reference the article correctly

Below the title, you must cite your article in the proper form. Only after that, start writing the review. Remember not to skip any line between the sentence and the reference. 

3. Identify the work

You can now begin the review by paying attention to the title you have selected for the review, the article’s author, and the publication’s title. You should write the year of publication in the first para. 

4. Write the introductory part

You must write about the underlying theme of the article and the major aspect of it in the introduction. At times, you might need to find the significant argument yourself. Never write an introduction in the first person (I). Always use the third person (he or she). You must end the introduction with your own thesis. Overall, the introduction should only consume about 20% of the article review.

5. Brief the article 

Now is the time to brief the article’s significant details, ideas, and conclusion in your own language. You need to demonstrate the manner in which the article backs its claims. Also, remember to add the conclusion. You can write all this in a few paragraphs. 

6. Use your judgment and write a critique

At this point, use your entire research and assess how the author has addressed the subject. You must also present your own opinion. If you cannot prepare the critique yourself, seek the help of professional article content writing services.

The Post writing Process

After writing the article review, spend some time proofreading it. In this part, you scan the entire review for grammatical and any other mistakes. While proofreading, you can also check for any unwanted information. It will also allow you to check whether you have appropriately discussed at least 3 to 4 significant issues. As a result of proofreading, your review will attain a good quality. 

Final Words 

By now, you must be thoroughly familiar with how to write an article review. A good review throws light on a few essential points of the original article and analyses the writer’s views. You can get more assistance with creating an article review by consulting professional article writing services. Expert help will ensure that you write a thought-provoking review. 

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