How to Save Thunderbird Emails as PDF Format?

Looking for the best solution to save Thunderbird emails as PDF all at once? If you are looking for answers and solutions to the same problem. Because in this blog you will find manual and most relevant automatic ways to save email from Thunderbird to PDF without any problem.

Thunderbird is one of the most used free desktop email applications. It has features like multiple emails, new feeds, newsgroups, and a free open source email app. All Thunderbird mailbox data is stored in the back of the Thunderbird folder with the .mbox file extension, with PDF being the most common document file format. It is widely used to convert MBOX to PDF format.

Why Need to Convert Thunderbird MBOX to PDF Format?

  • With the help of PDF format, users have the opportunity to publish any content without formatting. The best part is that they will get the same format as the original document.
  • As platform-independent files, they provide mobility and can be used by anyone, anywhere. No technology is required to access these files.
  • Another reason users need a Thunderbird to pdf converter to export a lot of Thunderbird emails is that you get password protection to restrict unauthorized access to your files.
  • These files can be accessed from anywhere, making them the most compatible format in terms of providing basic attestation.

Manual Way to Save Thunderbird Emails as PDF

  • Go to the menu bar and click Tools. Next, press “Add-ons” from the list displayed there
  • Next, Thunderbird Add-ons Manager will open, search in the search bar and download the NG import / export tool
  • A new tab will appear and you need to tap Settings. Therefore, you need to install the Add-on from the archive or directly
  • Add Thunderbird NG import and export tools. Click the “Add to Thunderbirdbutton to install the tool
  • This allows you to select the options you want to add and continue the process
  • Click the [Restart Now] button
  • Next, you need to select all Thunderbird messages to export to PDF format
  • Click Save Selected Message and select PDF Format for Exporting Thunderbird Bulk Emails to PDF
  • Press OK when the warning dialog box appears
  • Confirm the location to save the PDF file
  • Wait for a while and then export the Thunderbird folder in PDF format.

Limitations of Manual Method

Thunderbird displays a dialog with restrictions on manually exporting email from Thunderbird to the Portable Document File format.

  • No doubt, this method is free. There are also various restrictions.
  • After conversion, this method allows you to export only specific emails, not the entire folder.
  • Converting Thunderbird embedded attachments to PDF files is not supported.

Alternative Solution to Save Thunderbird Emails as PDF With Attachments

MBOX to PDF Converter is the best solution to transfer emails from your Thunderbird account to PDF with one click.  This solution is called an instant solution because it allows users to transfer Thunderbird email files to PDF at the same time. It works so efficiently that it is more suitable for business use. You can also save attachments, embed them in PDF files, or save them individually.  The tool to convert MBOX to PDF with attachments allows users to list all the emails that are in the main folder. This feature makes it easy for users to view all emails stored in nested folders with just one click. If a user has multiple emails saved multiple times in an MBOX file, the user can use this  utility to exclude those duplicate emails. 

This program forwards Thunderbird emails in PDF format without losing files, so you don’t have to worry about database security. This utility keeps all metadata and meta formats intact.  This program runs on all 32-bit and 64-bit sized Windows operating systems, including Windows versions 11, 10, 8, 7, and so on. 

Bulk Save Thunderbird Emails as PDF in Minutes via Automated Software

  • Download Free MBOX File to PDF Conversion on your Windows computer
MBOX File To PDF Conversion
  • Load Thunderbird MBOX File into the software by clicking Bulk File or Search Mode
Load Thunderbird MBOX File
  • Now choose the file you need to export and right click to open “Export
export and right click to open "Export"
  • Select the PDF file option from the All other file formats list and click OK.
Select the PDF file option


In conclusion, here’s how to save Thunderbird emails as PDF using one of the best tools and one of the free manual methods with some restrictions. The manual method is simple but easy because it involves the risks described in the previous paragraph. Therefore, if you are importing multiple emails from Thunderbird into Adobe PDF, we recommend that you proceed manually. If not, there are professional tools. You can use the trial version of the tool and click the download icon to download the software.

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