How to Reduce Train Ticket Price in Shatabadi or Rajdhani Express?

The Shatabadi Express and Rajdhani Express are two of the most common trains that people take in India. This article will give you a simple trick to save money on train tickets for either of these popular trains.

Shatabadi or Rajdhani Express is a daily train that runs between cities in India. This train is more expensive than the others because it runs during peak hours.   Rajdhani or Shatabadi Expresses are the fastest trains of Indian Railways. If you want to reduce your train ticket price, you should consider traveling by these trains instead of the other slower trains. Rajdhani Express is an express train service in India. It connects Delhi and Howrah, the two largest cities in India. The fare for Rajdhani Express is usually expensive. But there are many ways to come down the price of a ticket by travelling by Rajdhani Express. One tip is to buy your ticket at least one day before the date of departure because the price goes down as days go by.

About Shatabadi or Rajdhani Express:

Shatabadi or Rajdhani Express is a daily train that runs between cities in India. This train is more expensive than the others because it runs during peak hours. Shatabadi Express, which takes around 18 hours to reach from Kolkata to Delhi, costs Rs. 828 for second class AC ticket and Rs. 1,080 for first class AC ticket. Are there any Shatabadi train timings?. Yes, Shatabadi Express have a few running timings. Like most

How To Reduce Train Ticket Price in Shatabadi:

There are different ways to reduce train ticket cost in Shatabadi without food. There are many ways to reduce train ticket prices. Some of them are buying a more expensive ticket and taking a reservation amount, skipping a stop, and getting a group discount. But there is also one more way that is highly underutilized: buy food on the train from Food Delivery App. Buying food on the train can actually lead to a significant reduction in train ticket cost.

Quick Guide For Buying Food On A Train:

1. There are many trains in Shatabadi. Just enter 10digits PNR in Zoop App, So you can search for a list of these trains online, and then order food from Food Delivery App ZoopIndia on these trains.

2. Set a location for your food order to be delivered from. You can set it from your current location or from the station where the train is about to reach.

3. You can easily get a ₹50 discount by using the coupon code “ZOOP50” on the app.

4. Once you place your order, you will receive a notification with your PNR number, and with the time of delivery. Food will be at your seat within 30 minutes.

5. You can also view the order history in the app.

What Food Delivery Online Offers:

Traveling from Delhi to Kolkata? Concerned about the rising train ticket price? Traveling through Shatabadi or Rajdhani Express trains? With Food Delivery Online, you can save more when you make your order online. We offer a wide range of online food delivery services. Just order and make your payment. We will deliver it right to your door seat/birth!   Food Delivery Online has been listed on TripAdvisor and Google because of our quality services. We’ve been featured by the media, including The Financial Express and Times of India. We also have been awarded by the best of them all!   Ordering on Food Delivery Online is easy. Our Customer Service will make sure you get the maximum benefit. If you want to order food online, contact us +91- 8010802222 at our customer service department and ask for the best package for you.


There are many ways to save money on train tickets. These methods include buying a rail ticket in advance, getting the best offer, and looking at the other benefits of traveling by train. Shatabadi and Rajdhani train tickets typically have higher price than other types of train tickets. Instead of buying a ticket for these trains through the ticket counter, some passengers opt to buy online. In order to do this, they have to buy their ticket via the website of Food in Trains’ official booking agency – IRCTC.

Healthy And Tasty Meal On Wheel:

With a healthy diet, you can avoid the burden of eating on the go. Moreover, a healthy diet will also reduce your daily calorie intake. To get more nutrients and essential nutrients in your diet plan, take made-to-order meals in a train.   A healthy food is always welcome. The tasty, crunchy and light snacks like boondi khichdi, oat bhaji, cashew nuts and raisin strips are an easy way of travelling on the trains. Among them, makhana and pilau rice would be great choices for gaining necessary calories . You can also have a good time with the yummy salads like palak chaat, chole bhature etc.

The desserts are another fun option on the train. It is not a bad idea to have some desserts on the journey. There are a lot of options that are healthy and very tasty. The best option among them would be the straight yogurt. It is a great way to give your body the needed proteins. There are a lot of other healthy options on the trains and some more exciting. You can always have an option that is budget friendly instead of the unhealthy ones. The desserts on the trains can be a great choice in this case. You should always pack your belongings in time to make sure that you can carry on with your journey.

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