How to Make Bakery Cake Box with Simple Tricks

In this busy arena when people don’t even have time for each other it is very difficult for people to bake cakes from scratch. Bakeries offer their cake sweet treats and donut delectable in Custom Bakery Boxes or custom donut boxes. Which are of bit higher prices due to their packaging cost or operational cost. But what if you want to have a bakery style cake in cheaper price. Then there are only two ways you can achieve your goal. Number one, if the bakery has controlled its operational and packaging cost by preparing its custom boxes with logo from a cost-efficient packaging solution like OBT Packaging. Number two, rather you make your cake from the readymade box cake mixture. First option is rather difficult for you but second option can be considered. Cakes from box cake mixture usually do not turn out to be as perfect as bakery one because their taste is blank and they are less moist when they are made. But we can help you by telling tips and tricks to enhance your cake’s flavor and enjoy a mouthwatering moist cake on your budget.

Here are some tips and tricks to enhance your cake’s flavor

Moisture Hacks

Bakery cakes are always tasteful because they are moist. Dry cakes are not preferred by cake lovers because they can ruin your cake experience and also stuck in your mouth. So, perfect moistness is required in any cake to enjoy it properly. You can make a moist cake even from box cake mix by following hacks to have a delicious crumb and mouth feel.

Moisture with Extra Egg

If you want your cake to be extra moist then add an extra egg while preparing better through any box cake mix. If the recipe instructions on box cake mix require three eggs, replace it with four eggs. This will give it extra gooiness and bakery like moisture.

Use Milk Instead of Water

If you want to take your cake using cake mix to next level then replace the water with milk. Milk will give it extra moisture and will make it denser like bakery one. If the recipe suggests to pour a cup of water, pour a cup of milk instead of it because it will give it extra fat which will make it more delicious. Any milk, including non-dairy one will also work for this hack. The proteins in milk softens and add moisture and flavor in the cake.

Use Oil for Butter

Most cake mixes call for oil and water as wet ingredients which diminishes the flavor and richness from the cakes. That is why, using butter instead of oil will not only give moisture to the cake but it will add flavor to it as well.

Add Instant Pudding Powder to Gain Moisture

To gain extra moisture into your cake add dry instant pudding powder to your cake mix batter. This tip really works as it give extra moisture to the baked cake using cake mix.

Cake Rise Hacks

Porosity of the cake dough is achieved when it is raised. For the cake to be airy, we need air bubbles. It is clear that bubbles are formed during the release of gas, during the reaction of alkali and acid. That is why we use baking soda and baking powder in the cake mixture to raise it properly. If we add a baking powder to the dough, then it is self-sufficient in itself (it contains both acid and alkali), and it will start working when the temperature rises, that is, in the oven. Offerings in Custom bakery boxes or custom Donut Boxes in bakeries are of by using the same technique for raising the dough of donuts or any other bread.

Use of Vinegar / Liquid Soda / Sour-milk

You can take a spoonful of liquid soda or drop a couple of drops of vinegar or sour milk in the box cake mixture for a proper rise in your cake. The mixture will begin to actively foam. These are the bubbles that form in the batter. Add Vinegar, sour-milk products and soda, along with baking powder to the batter which help in rising the cake. Hence, you can have bakery like texture in a box cake mix cake.

Richness Hack

We add fat to make our cake richer. Cakes without fat will be fluffy and light but they will be dry. Most cake mixes lack richer effect in there mixture that is why they are less tasty than the bakery one. To cope this, we can add Mayonnaise/ Sour cream / yoghurt / melted ice cream to maintain the richness of your cake. These ingredients will make your cake less delicate along with richer. Their creaminess will make them thick and increase moisture.

Spices / Coffee / Soda for Flavor Enhancement

Cakes made from box cake mix are usually blank in taste when it comes to flavor. To make your cakes, more flavorful you can add spices like nutmeg or cinnamon powder, coffee powder or soda into the cake mix. By adding these ingredients, you will not just enhance flavor of your cakes but the flavored fragrance will cover the whole ambience.

Correctly Measure Your Liquid Ingredients

Always use a separate measuring cup to measure your wet ingredients with an eye level. When you don’t use this method, you can.

Use Ingredients at Room Temperature

Always use ingredients at the same (room) temperature. This means that when you are going to make a cake, take eggs, butter, milk and other cold ingredients out of the refrigerator for an hour. The fact is that, on the one hand, the ingredients mix better when they have the same temperature (now we are talking about the dough), on the other hand, the finished dough will be at room temperature and will quickly begin to bake in the oven.

Cooking Time

Every oven comes with different specifications. So the time mentioned on box cake might be different from your oven’s features. Correct baked cake depends on your oven’s temperature. That is why adjust cooking time according to your oven rather than written on box cake mix.

Don’t Open the Oven Too Often

Do not open the oven’s door again and again because it can alter your temperatures set up in the oven. It needs proper heat for cake rise then evacuated heat might disturb the cake from being rise and can deprive you to get a perfect bakery like cake.

Avoid Over Mixing of Better and Store-Bought Frostings

Usually, it is a perception, that when you overbeat the batter then all the ingredients will be mixed properly and perfect cake will be made. But this practice is wrong when you overmix the batter then it will make your cake overly dense. Also, avoid using store bought premade frostings for whatever cake you are making, from scratch or from box cake mix, whenever possible.

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