How to Make a PNR Status Enquiry on Mobile

Making a PNR enquiry on mobile is quite simple. When you book railway tickets with IRCTC, you get a PNR code, which is a system-generated numeric code. Customers will be able to track live train status, coach number, confirmation status, and much more by simply making a PNR enquiry. The PNR status checks feature allows users to stay up to date on all aspects of railway ticket bookings.

Do you need more guidance on how to check PNR on mobile? If yes, then read this full blog. We have covered everything for you in this blog. 

PNR Status: Important code for IRCTC passenger  

The abbreviation for PNR is ‘Passenger Name Record.’ It’s a reference in the Indian Railways computer reservation system (IR-CRS) database that keeps a passenger’s or a group of passengers’ journey details.

To be more explicit, when an Indian Railways reserved railway ticket is booked for a train, then all of the passengers’ information is saved in a relational database of the centralized reservation system. A ten-digit number is assigned to each of these details. PNR stands for Passenger Name Record, and it is printed on the ticket too.

Passengers’ personal information (name, age, gender) is saved in the database with this reference number. It features columns for tracking the booking status and the ticket’s current status. Because each train has a limited number of seats, a confirmed reserved ticket may not be available at all times. Thus, when there are any reserved seats available due to cancellation, the booking status of such waitlist (W/L) tickets changes. PNR status means newly updated reservation status.

Where is the PNR number on the ticket?

In most cases, the PNR number is visible in the top left corner of printed tickets (tickets taken from the railway station booking window). E-tickets (purchased online or through the IRCTC website) are present in a separate cell at the top of the ticket.

Various Methods for PNR enquiry

There are many methods for determining confirmation status of a person’s PNR. You may look up the status of your PNR in a few different ways:

  • Using SMS or phone to check the status of a reservation: Text “PNR” to “139” or ring 139 and follow the instructions.
  • You may use applications and websites like RailMitra to check your PNR status in real-time. At railway station counters, inquire about IRCTC PNR Number Check.
  • Final reservation lists (made live 1 hour before the train departure)

PNR Status Prediction

Waiting List tickets are always a hassle in hand. They may or may not become a CNF (confirmed) ticket in future. RailMitra eases this issue to a great length by providing a exiting feature of PNR Status Prediction Analysis and Confirmation Probability.

This feature helps you predict the confirmation chances of your train ticket with an accuracy of 99% using RailMitra’s data analysis and AI.

How can I inquire about the IRCTC PNR online?

Enter your 10-digit railway PNR number and click the submit button on any PNR checking app. You’ll be able to ascertain your PNR’s current status, as well as confirmation chances, departure-arrival times, coach location, delayed status, platform number, and a lot more. 

Moreover, you can also check the IRCTC ticket status on the Indian Railways’ CRIS-managed website or the IRCTC website Alternatively, you can also view the current status of your ticket using the easy to use RailMitra PNR enquiry app too in just a few taps.

PNR Status Check via SMS/Call

We can use any mobile phone to make PNR status enquiry via SMS. All you have to do is text PNR to 139. Likewise, you can check your updated PNR by dialling 139 (Railway Enquiry Number).

How to check PNR 10 digit status on RailMitra using mobile? 

When you want to check your PNR status on mobile, RailMitra is your one-stop destination. 

On RailMitra, determining the status of a PNR is a simple and quick process. Visit the Google Play Store and download the RailMitra app, which allows you to inquire about the status of your PNR with a single click.

Follow the below steps to verify the status of your PNR:

  • To check the status of your PNR, go to the RailMitra app or its official website.
  • Enter the PNR number (Passenger Name Record).
  • Go to the check PNR status option to get your updated ticket status.

We can use RailMitra To check PNR anytime, anywhere. Additionally, you can also use its mobile app to check the status of your IRCTC PNR. RailMitra’s website and app are simple to navigate and utilize. The RailMitra app and website make finding all rail services simple. They attempt to give you timely and accurate information by all means so that you can spend less time hunting for trains and more time planning your trip.

Types of the status of PNR on train Ticket

The various types of Railway ticket status are as follows:

  • GNWL stands for General Waiting List
  • PQWL is the acronym for Pooled Quota Waiting List
  • RLWL stands for Remote Location Waiting List
  • TQWL stands for Tatkal Waiting List
  • CNF stands for Confirmed
  • Confirmed + RAC
  • RAC stands for Reservation Against Cancellation
  • RAC + WL
  • WL stands for Waiting List

The Bottom Line

All of the information about the PNR status check provided above will aid you on your forthcoming trip with the IRCTC. It is advised that you utilize the RailMitra app for a better experience. Download RailMitra from the Google Play Store if you want to order food on the train and acquire railway information while on the go. It is your one-stop solution for all your travel needs, from planning your journey to booking meal on wheel and making Indian Railways enquiry.

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