How Can Plus Size Women Look Slimmer In A Kurti? 

With debates going on about body positivity hovering around the world, the trend of fashionable plus-size outfits has finally started taking over the market. With several trends going around, the demand for plus size Kurtis for women is increasing day by day and has gotten a special eye for all the obvious reasons. And why not? Kurtis is regular and casual wear, which most women often look for. They are comfy and can be worn for longer periods of time and even on some special occasions. That’s why one can find a wide range of models and styles in Kurti for plus-size curvy women. 

But those curvy women also desire to look slimmer for a smart look. Looking slimmer has never been this easy today, and our suggestions will make it even easier for you. We are here with our recommendations and some Kurti ideas that are going to help all plus-size women look slimmer and smart. Let’s discuss everything in detail. 

Types of Kurtis That Are Ideal For Plus-Size Women: 

When we talk about Kurtis, they include everything and anything within the broad model of ethnic wear. In order to look slim, you must know about the type of plus-size Kurtis that can best fit the women of today and amp up their looks. Here are a few of them. 

Make Way For Straight Cut Kurtas

When you are planning to pick out a Kurti for a special occasion or simply for your everyday wear needs, you should make way for a straight plus size long kurti. Different Kurti styles like A-line Kurti, straight fit Kurtis, and many more. However, one straight-fit pattern that is ideal when it comes to plus size Kurtis is an Anarkali Kurti, but the one without flare. All these Kurti styles amplify the legs and give your whole body a spread-out weighted look. Just remember that you should always avoid Kurtis with flares and skirt styles, Kurti, too. 

Always Keep Your Height In Mind 

Plus-sized women should always keep their height in mind when shopping for Kurtis. Generally, plus-size women have medium to short height. However, we all know looking taller can make our weight visually more distributed. One simple way to achieve a taller height is by choosing monochrome Kurtis that feature minimal patterns. In addition to that, you must also choose dark colours with only a few designs of embroidery. This will give you an even opportunity to look taller and slimmer simultaneously. Also, when looking for an ideal bottom to pair with your Kurti, go for long clothing that gathers at the knees or ankle. 

Say A Big No To Heavy Fabrics 

One of the biggest problem creators for plus size women is heavy fabrics; hence, they are a big no when choosing any Kurti. We all know thick fabrics are heavy and bulky. They do not make you look bigger but also weigh you more with their heavy embellishments and art finishes. Generally, jacquard and denim fabrics are too heavy and come with a hefty weight. These rich fabrics make you feel fatigued faster and also induce sweating which is a common thing for plus-size individuals. So, always go for lightweight fabrics that keep you rejuvenated and refreshed. Choose natural fabric Kurtis like cotton, rayon, and wool, as they won’t add bulk to your figure. 

Choose Smaller Patterns 

If you are a plus-size woman and wish to look slimmer, then there’s a rule that you have to abide by while choosing kurtas. The rule is when selecting patterns for your Kurti, always go for smaller prints if you want a stylish look. Kurti’s individual design should not exceed your clenched fist’s size. Remember, the smaller, the better the impression it will give on your body. In addition to that, go for smaller geometric patterns, as they are a great choice to look slim in a kurta. Finally, choose the ones going vertically, not horizontally, when going for stripes. Vertical patterns on plus size party wear Kurtis create the illusion of a slimmer figure that requires little to no effort from the wearer. 

Choose Darker Colours 

The best way to look slimmer in any ethnic wear, especially Kurtis, is by creating an optical illusion with dark colours. We all know dark colours enhance your looks by disguising the body and naturally creating a slender and sleek appearance. From black and navy blue to deep red and magenta, many dark shades can be worn to look slimmer in a Kurti. However, when you choose lighter hues, they tend to reveal the true identity of your body; thus, it’s better not to wear plain vibrant colours. 


So, these are the amazing ideas that plus-size women can keep in mind whenever they are wearing a Kurti and can look slimmer. Additionally, take detailed note of the Kurti you are choosing from the collection. And remember, it’s always better to go under the plus size women section as they craft Kurtis as per the above-mentioned factors only. 

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