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For specialist physicians, Nextech offers full healthcare IT solutions. Since 1997, Nextech has been committed to providing smart, accessible, and integrated technologies. That enables specialist doctors to boost productivity, charting accuracy, and overall office profitability. In the clinical areas of ophthalmology, plastic surgery, dermatology, and orthopedics, Nextech serves over 10500 doctors and 3500 practices.

Nextech EMR recognizes that each doctor has unique requirements. That must be met by their Practice Management and EMR provider. In order for them to achieve and surpass the expectations of their clients. And the medical sector as a whole. That is why Nextech strives to improve its solution with the help of specialized specialists who provide careful and constructive advice. Through its revolutionary digital application, Nextech’s Electronic Health Record. And Practice Management software is completely integrated to promote workflow efficiency. Track practice revenue trends, promote client interaction and improve efficiency.

Nextech is a major supplier of EMR and Practice Management systems with almost 2 decades of medical expertise. Nextech’s modular-based system allows physicians to pick and select which characteristics they desire and want to have in order to improve their procedure and patient outcomes. Nextech’s highly adaptable software is tailored to each doctor’s practice. In order to provide the best possible patient care.

What are the Top Nextech EMR Features? 

Client Portal

It’s quite difficult to find a solid patient portal that has all of the essential elements in an EHR system. Numerous EHR systems firms claim to offer an effective patient portal, but not all of them deliver. As per Nextech EMR reviews, users like the Patient Portal since it is so helpful and educational.

Among the capabilities of the Nextech EMR Patient Portal include the ability to send secure messages to providers, instantly analyze test data, set up automated schedules and alerts, and generate customized electronic forms for patients. Because Nextech EMR is so well-structured, you can simply address it. Any of the concerns that its customers experience with the Patient site.

Digital Prescriptions

The second feature we’d like to highlight in Nextech EMR is the e-prescription tool, which allows you to create prescriptions for your clients remotely. The program will seamlessly deliver your patient’s prescription to the pharmacy that is most suitable for them. This allows you to shorten the time it takes for a patient to pick up their meds once you’ve written a prescription. This function also alerts you to any potential drug interactions, allowing you to prevent potentially dangerous situations and keep your clients better than ever before.

Easy to use, Intelligent Interface

The AI feature on the Nextech EMR is great, and it adjusts to your preferences over time. This function remembers your choices and updates your settings automatically without you needing to do anything. This is a really handy feature that saves you a lot of time while also helping you to become a more accurate clinician since the program needs modifications that you would have to do otherwise. This feature cuts down on the time that it takes you to utilize the program, which is really useful. It reduces the number of clicks required to accomplish activities.

Specialty-Specific Templates

More clients can be seen since the Nextech EMR streamlines the charting procedure for doctors. Users can choose from a variety of customizable, specialty-specific, and patient-specific templates. These templates may be customized to meet the user’s requirements. And can be done without any coding experience. List filtering and selection choices make taking precise notes and coding diagnoses a breeze. This will be appreciated by attending doctors because non-essential patient information will be removed from the chart.

Within a connected system, client data may be transferred and collected. Making it simple to refer clients to other doctors. This also guarantees that the client receives the best treatment possible, regardless of who their doctor is.

Is the Software Specialty Specific?

This is a huge deal! Not only would a specialty-specific EMR and Practice Management solution save you time, but it will also provide a more user-friendly layout than a generalized one. EHRs designed for a certain specialty are more suited to meet the specific demands of your field of practice. With tools designed to circle around their practice process, doctors may take advantage of the ease of charts, notes, and decision assistance features.

Nextech’s EMR and Practice Management solutions are specialty-specific and completely integrated. Doctors should expect a rational approach to their workweek. Thanks to healthcare technology that is suited to their specialization. Physicians that work with Nextech benefit from a complete software solution that allows them to choose between ready-made templates and customizing them.

What is the training and implementation process?

Nextech’s staff of highly-skilled EMR instructors is committed to providing your practice. With the resources, it needs to get started with EHR on the proper foot. Clinicians who are new to Nextech are allocated to a competent team of installation specialists. Who is responsible for customizing Nextech to the needs of each practice. From onsite to digital or pre-recorded materials.

How much does Nextech EMR cost?

Nextech EMR pricing has not been published by the vendor. However, you can request a Nextech EHR demo to know Nextech EHR pricing plans.

Should You Invest in Nextech EMR?

We won’t be able to provide a recommendation to you till we know more about your medical practice. However, we can suggest how you may make your own judgment regarding Nextech EMR.

We recommend generating a list of all the features you’d want in an EHR software and comparing it to the features in Nextech EMR to get a better understanding of if the program will meet your demands.

We also suggest contacting the seller and requesting a Nextech EMR demo to check whether the program will meet your expectations and if you should invest in it. Rather than just reading about the software’s capabilities, you can see it in action via a demo. As a result, you’ll be able to make a more educated judgment on whether or not the product is perfect for you!

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