Foremost and Proficient Measure to Split Multiple PDF Files at Once

Synopsis: Do you struggle with splitting PDF files into multiple files? Your search is over, and we will present you with the easiest ways to split multiple PDF files at once.

PDF files play a remarkable role in the IT world. Files in PDF format are among the most popular. The Portable Document Format (PDF) allows people to share documents with one another. It can be challenging for a user to handle large-sized PDF files. During the uploading process, the large PDF file consumes a considerable amount of time. The problem is that this process causes the computer to freeze or hang, which causes PDF files to be corrupted.
By splitting the PDF file, the user is able to solve the problem of “how do I split a large PDF file into multiple files.” This allows the user to access or upload PDF files more easily.

In this article, we will discuss problems related to large PDF files and explain how to split a large PDF file into multiple files.
To be conscious of this situation, let us appraise a user’s query taken from some forum sites:

“Hi everyone, I am working in an MNC. My boss has assigned me a task to create a separate PDF file (from page numbers 40 to 60) from a large-sized PDF file containing 150 pages. I don’t know how to split PDF files into smaller files for selective pages. Can anyone tell me the solution? How do I split a large PDF file into multiple files? So, it becomes easier for me to handle these large PDF files. ”
As a solution to this problem, we will discuss an automated solution to PDF splitter software.

Split a Large PDF File into Multiple Files

On the hand, the indefectible unravelment through which the splitting process can be done prosperously. In order to split a large PDF file into multiple files, the user can use the PDF Split and Merge Tool. With this furtherance utility, users can easily manage their PDF files. This is a groundbreaking tool for Windows operating systems that allows you to divide PDF files.

Some Cutting-Edge Features

Multifarious options to split PDF files
This utility gives the user the opportunity to select various options to split multiple PDF files at once

By Page– This utility will allow the user to create a single PDF file that contains a single PDF document. This function allows users to effortlessly split PDF files into numerous PDF files.

By Size– This tool has a new feature. You can break PDF files into smaller parts based on their size. Just specify the file size, and the tool will do the rest.

By Each Page– The PDF documents in each of your PDF files will be split into separate PDF files.

By Range– This utility lets the user split PDF files by providing a range. For instance, if the user has 14 pages, he can split only 2-6 pages.

By Even Pages: If a user has a PDF file containing ten pages, this tool will create an even-numbered PDF file. For example, if the user has a PDF file containing ten pages, this tool will create PDFs for pages 2, 4, 6, and 8 without changing the source PDF file.

By Odd Pages: Separate files containing odd numbers can be created by the user. The tool can, for example, create PDF files for page numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 without modifying the original PDF file.

Step to Split Multiple PDF Files at Once

  • Install the software and run it. Choose the split option.
  • To pick up the PDF file, click the “Add File(s)/Add Folder” button. Navigate to the appropriate PDF file and select it. You can also select “skip.”
  • Attachments option to remove attachments from the PDF files that result.
  • Then press the Next button. If you have a password for the PDF, you will be prompted to enter it here. If it isn’t, then disregard it. Furthermore, the tool will not save these security passcodes.
  • Choose between by Page,  by Page Range, by Size, by Each Page,  by Even Pages, or by Odd Pages as an option.
  • To split a huge pdf file into smaller files, click the Split button.


We have learned to split large Portable Document Format (.pdf) files into multiple files by splitting their pages with the PDF Split Tool. The visuals of the tool are user-friendly, which helps everyone, including users with very low technical knowledge. It is developed in a way to solve every possible way to split multiple PDF files at once

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