Essay Grammatical Errors That Would Cost You Badly in Your Assignments

It is important to avoid basic grammatical errors or mistakes to save oneself from embarrassment. A good essay not only contains well-researched material but also has efficient grammar. Grammar is the most essential component and even if your essay contains all the essential points and strong arguments.

Essay Sentence Fragments

It includes sentences with missing subjects or may also occur due to typographical errors. Apart from simple typographical errors, other causes of sentence fragmentation include miscues of prepositions and subordinate clauses. For example ‘sitting on the bed is a fragmented sentence as it doesn’t specify who or what exactly is “sitting’’.

If the sentence doesn’t express or explain the complete thought process, then it causes fragmentation. Therefore, while writing an essay it is essential to avoid sentence fragmentation errors.

In the introduction, provide the meaning of your word from a dictionary. This means you’ll give readers a basic understanding of the word. The next step is to write the thesis declaration. You must define the subject using your personal words. Make your definition brief and easy;

Overuse of Adverbs

For this blog post, I will choose to focus on the argumentative style of essays. In such cases, the writer may have included paragraphs with no empirical support or paragraphs lacking a clear idea. Simply toss such paragraphs out of your writing. However, confidence in your ability to argue your position should make the inclusion of counterarguments a more compelling essay.

This will only enhance the depth of your writing by showing the reader the confidence you have in your position. So always be ready to take on any subject from more than one angle.

Wrong Words

Unless you use the correct words, your essay will not convey the intended message.

In the second section, examine the meaning of the word. It is possible to rephrase it and consider it from various viewpoints. In the next step. Also, you can discuss the synonyms for the word you have chosen. Finally, discuss your personal definition. You may also discuss your personal experiences that have shaped your perspective. Be sure to back up your arguments with evidence or references.

Most importantly, don’t psych yourself out. This means that the essay they send in is terrible and virtually guarantees that they will not be admitted.


To avoid making such mistakes you can omit the use of words that are usually mistaken. Following are a few specialized grammatical errors which you must avoid while writing an essay.

Some words are confusing in terms of their usage and spelling. This also comes under the category of spelling errors. Embarrassment is incorrect while Embarrassment is correct. Many words have similar pronunciation and sound similar but they are completely different in their meaning and connotation. Students are more likely to confuse those words and make mistakes while using them in the essay.

Illusion and Allusion are homophones and while writing an essay, it is a common mistake that students make. Illusion refers to imaginary perception.

As you are now familiar with the basic errors which students make while writing an essay. However, if you are still confused about how to write an essay, you can seek help from an expert essay writer.A few other grammar mistakes are:

Mistake in Apostrophe usage

Apostrophes must be avoided after the possessive pronouns such as my, mine, our, ours, his hers, its, they’re, theirs

Incorrect: My father’s office is next to his office

Correct: My father’s office is next to his office

Misplaced Modifiers in Essay

A modifier is a word or clause that you used to describe another part of a sentence. You must place a modifier directly next to the word it is supposed to modify to communicate your idea in other blogs. If modifiers are misplaced titles change the meaning of the sentence. And make it ambiguous. While writing an essay you must consciously avoid making these grammatical mistakes. It will help you write a good essay. Of course, it can be important to present all sides of a controversial topic. Of course, there are times when this is not necessarily the aim of the essay, and instead. It is just to present a whole picture of the subject at hand.

Going in the other direction, another pitfall of essay writing can be of the polemic writer. Do make sure to avoid this by effectively using your outline. In order to avoid this, simply break up the sentences and link ideas more clearly. There are times when an essay can rely too heavily on quotes or descriptions provided by other authors.

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