Employee Monitoring Software For Tracking Sloopy Employees

The immense growth of social media has changed the ways of communication between people. The social apps have not only increased the social interaction among people but also provided great opportunities for different kinds of businesses and collaboration with different organizations at the industrial level.  On one side employees are getting exposure to these apps, reading work-related blogs, articles, and new inventions now and then. But on the other hand, these apps are also the reason for time abuse at the workplace. Let’s see how.

Your workers might be playing games or wasting their time stalking others in-office hours. They may send messages to their friends and family and start chatting with them. They may start voice or video calls with their friends or family members. So, what’s the solution to this problem? Will the employers continue to suffer the loss in their business or is there any digital tool that can help them monitor their workers? Well. Here is the good news they can monitor them on social media via employee monitoring software the OgyMogy. Let’s jump into some important features of it.

Monitor Your Employee and Stay Safe from Cyber Crimes

Get informed about the usage of social media of your worker at the workplace. See if they are working with full dedication or wasting their time by using social apps in that time. Monitor them thoroughly with this amazing app and see how the productivity of your business increases that was lacking due to some unfaithful staff.

Monitor their Messenger

Check all the messages that they send or receive to anyone during work hours. See if they are necessary or work-related or they are just hoodwinking you and wasting the company’s precious time. See if there is any vulgar content in their messages immediately report them. Check if they are in contact with someone through messenger and leaking company’s confidential information with them which can bring your company’s reputation now. Check all these things with the help of this amazing spy app.

See the Group Conversations

See and filter all the group conversations personally. Also, check which groups they have joined? Are they related to work or just a waste of time? Maybe they are posting continuously in those groups during the working hours and you were unaware of all the situation but don’t worry now it is very easy by the use of this Soper doper app.

Monitor the Daily Activities of Your Employee

Keep a strict eye on all the activities of your work in an organization. Check what they are updating? Is it against a company in any respect? See them according to the rules and regulations implemented by the company and also see if they are on such level to be employed in your company or you need someone better to make your business flourish.

See their Status Updates

let’s see what they are updating on their status and get information about who likes their photos and who commented. All their contacts will be in your sight now to who they contacted in work hours with this hands-on app OgyMogy.

Check their Inbox

Check all the messages thoroughly in their inbox and see if they are harassing someone from their co-staff. Most of the times people at a workplace do cheap things to get attention. They harass the staff by sending them improper images or maybe voice messages. These all concerns of an employer can be satisfied with this simple and most reliable app.

Monitor their Audio and Video Calls

Check their call log and see all the incoming and outgoing calls live. This way you will get information about the people they have contacted and who is trying to contact them as well.

Check their Search History

This is one of the most wonderful features of this highly demanded app that you can see the search history of the social app your worker is using. You can see what they search during work hours. Is it even work-related or just time passing? So, get this amazing app now and enjoy all the features.

So, with the help of this versatile employee monitoring software OgyMogy, you can easily know about the work productivity of your employee.

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