A Brand That Makes You Stand Out-Baroque

The baroque collection was introduced in the market 30 years ago. They are famous because of their beautiful craftwork and their quality of cloth. It is a fashion brand that offers dresses with fashion and styles.

The embroidery, laces, patches, and tassels makes their dresses beautiful. Moreover, their price range is affordable. Majorly, for festivals and events they produce embroidery designed clothes.

Age group is not bound to wear the dresses. Therefore, teenage girls, middle-aged women, and old-age ladies can buy and wear their dresses. In addition to their boutique, baroque offer customized tailoring services to their customers.

Hence, customers can make their dresses stitched according to their sizes and fittings. Also, their slogan says ‘stitch to your perfect fit. This unique feature of the brands attracts more customers and eventually increases their sales.


To begin with, our eastern culture admires us to celebrate events with joy and happiness. Similarly, people tend to buy fancy clothes for Eid festivals and wedding events. At festivals, events or wedding events everyone wants to buy clothes that are the best in quality and they look nice and beautiful.

When we consider buying from a local market, we do visit hundreds of shops to buy a single piece of fabric. Sometimes, they compromise on the quality of the fabric. Moreover, the fancy dresses are expensive and people have to do matching for shirts and dupattas. Sometimes they don’t find the perfect design for themselves, other times the color of the clothes fades away.

To get rid of this, customers can buy a full suit from the baroque brand with all desired features they want. Then there would be no compromising on the quality as they offer the best quality products. Mainly, their clothes won’t fade in color. In addition to these features, they can get a custom size stitch from them.

Also, the time will be saved as they won’t be roaming around different shops and will get everything under one roof. Especially, when you are buying and wearing the fabric from this brand you won’t feel you are wearing a simple lawn. Instead, you will that you are wearing something different and something luxurious.

Baroque collection

They offer two of their best collections of clothes

  • Fuchsia

Under this collection they offer lawn for summers and linen for winters

  • Chantelle

They offer embroidered fancy dresses for events

1. Fuchsia lawn

They sell embroidered lawn with embroidered patches along unstitched suit. The price range is between 5000 and 7000 for embroidery lawn. In fact, the stitched collection is a bit more expensive than the unstitched one. The light colors gives cool feelings of summer. Each of their articles is available as stitched and unstitched.

2. Swiss lawn

The most pretty lawn offered by baroque. This is the luxury lawn. Some of their prints have chicken Kari sort of embroidery on them. Dark and vibrant color suits with soft organza and chiffon dupatta make the suit look more elegant. Although it is lawn because of its embroidery and fancy looks you can wear them at formal events too.

3. Chantelle

In this collection, you can find fancy clothes. These dresses are beautifully carved with embroidery. The shirts and sleeves are fully embroidered. Along with this, the dupattas are heavily embroidered which makes the dress look prettier. The color combinations of these dresses are up to the mark.

Some of the suits have net dupattas while others have chiffon ones. The color of dresses varies from pastels color up to the vibrant and bright solid colors.

4. Lawn

They offer you to choose between two different styles of a single suit. Some shirts come in jacquard fabric. Cotton dupattas and doori dupattas are common.

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