7 Wonderful Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers

You can never run out of gift ideas for plant lovers. There are some people who love materialistic things, but then there are also others who fall in love with plants. All a plant lover wants to do is spend time with his collections of plants and care for them. Gifting such die-hard plant lovers is not a daunting task because you have a plethora of options. You can gift them plant or gardening-related stuff or a plant itself. For example, a Thuja variety, such as Thuja Brabant or emerald, would be a great gift choice.

We have come up with the 7 best gift ideas for every plant lover.


One of the best gifts that you can give to a plant lover is a planter. Also known as plant vases, planters add greenery and freshness in homes, whether indoors or outdoors in the garden or balcony. You can be creative and gift an attractive contemporary planter with a unique modern design. You can be more specific with planters by selecting the one that complements the decor of the person’s house to whom you want to give. You may have to invest your time to find a suitable set of planters that the recipient will appreciate.

Watering Can

A watering pot or watering pot is a portable container that usually has a funnel and a handle to water plants by hand. As you already know, plants need a sufficient amount of water to grow properly. Watering can is one of the handy tools to water plants in the right quantity. You wouldn’t find a more practical gift idea than a watering can for a plant lover. They come in different shapes and sizes, and you can buy the one which suits you the best. If you are limited on a budget, you can buy a plastic watering can. However, if you can afford a little, go for a metal watering can that can last longer.

Thuja Plants

When it comes to buying a gift for a plant enthusiast, the first thing to come to your mind is a plant. If you are looking for the best plant to gift a plant lover, go for Thuja plants. Also known as the tree of life, these sun-loving evergreen plants make an excellent gift choice for their qualities. They are beautiful, easy to maintain, and available in lots of varieties. You can gift Thuja Brabant or emerald to a plant lover. Not only are they resilient in the face of pollution, but also they make a perfect hedge. A Thuja emerald hedge can effectively provide much-needed privacy and shielding from strangers or intrusive neighbors. So, gift a thuja plant and get acknowledged for it.

LED Light

The scarcity of light may stunt the growth of many indoor plants. If your friend cannot provide plants with what is needed due to a deficiency of enough light in the house, consider gifting artificial lights. Today, most lights come with LEDs because of their low energy use and long life. Artificial lighting will ward off sad situations like leggy houseplants and spindly seedlings. So, help a plant lover provide the required lights to his indoor plants by gifting them a LED light specifically made for plants.

Potting Soil

As you already know, the soil is essential for plants as they provide the required nutrients and minerals. Moreover, good quality soil has a significant role in the proper growth of plants. Thus, a premium quality soil enriched with nutrients would be an ideal gift option for plant lovers. You can easily get well-nourished soil online, or you can gift a home made mix of potting soil. However, remember that the health of plants heavily relies on the quality of the soil. So, be wary of the quality while buying soil for plants.

Plant Hangers

If you want to gift something useful to plant lovers, a set of plant hangers would be perfect. They are especially useful if the person whom you want to gift has run out of shelf or floor space to keep new plants. They are the perfect small space solution as you can hang them on the wall, putting plants on display. Not only do they elevate plants and resolve the storage issue for indoor plants, but they also make an amazing feature in a room. People also use plant hangers as a decor item for their living room or balcony. Besides, they come in different sizes and styles, and you can pick the one that complements your friend’s home decor.

Gardening Toolkit

Having a beautiful and well-maintained garden is a dream of every plant lover. Thus, giving a gardening toolkit will be one of the most clever and thoughtful gift choices. There are some essential gardening tools that are prerequisites for making a garden look aesthetically pleasing. These necessary gardening tools include gardening scissors, hoe, pruning shears, sickle, spade, rake, knife, spade, scythe, shovel, and hand gloves. So, if the person whom you want to gift owns a garden, you can gift a gardening toolkit with essential tools.


So, if your friend is a plant lover and you want to gift him something that aligns with his hobby, you can choose one of the above-given gift ideas. They all make excellent gift options for plant enthusiasts. Along with the gift, you can also give a greeting card with a plant quote to add a spark to your gift.

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