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7 Easy Tips To Create A Dreamy Boho Bedroom

A boho vibe epitomizes unconventional aesthetics and is symbolic of modernist living. When this vibe infuses in home decor themes, the easy-going look and mix of various colors look pleasing to the eyes. For this reason, a bedroom decorated in a boho style looks perfectly dreamy. Imagine your bedroom revamped with cream white walls, indoor plants, and wooden elements like a bed side tray. Looks amazing, right? If you also want to give a boho makeover to your bedroom, then you need some bedroom styling tips incorporating a minimalist bohemian finish.

Easy tips for creating a boho-style bedroom:

Wall color

Whites are the most preferred color when giving your bedroom a boho look. The light and cool shades usually give a defined boho look as the boho style is all about natural light and warm undertones. So, there is no question there but to play with white shades. However, you can look for a colorful palette too, which includes shades of indigo, green, and pink also. You can select a pure white shade if you want your bedroom to be of an ideal boho theme.


Lighting is an essential aspect of bohemian decor. So, consider bamboo and rope lights as they add an earthy neutral touch to your space. Moreover, you can use string lights to drape around your paintings and plants. The lighting in a bohemian theme is all about light tones and natural colors. Moreover, you can save a lot of space in your room by choosing hanging lights. Hence, instead of using older ways of lighting like table lamps, using a hanging pendant light will not ditch your boho dream at all.

Boho tables and dressers

One important aspect of a boho bedroom you shouldn’t forget is to avoid glossy furniture pieces since the bohemian vibe addresses simplicity and earthy furniture. Therefore, you should look for wooden elements in furniture pieces. For instance, consider buying a mahogany wooden side table and a vintage wood bed side tray. These little elements will add up a lot to fulfill your boho dream. You might not know but wooden dressers and standing mirrors with slim wooden borders have become a huge trend.


You cannot miss buying various beautiful plants if you are a true bohemian vibe lover. Plants are a staple in boho theme living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. You can place them in pots on window pavements, roof ceilings, or furniture. In short, the more plants, the merrier it is. You can choose from various species of plants like ferns, cacti, monstera, etc., to brighten your space. If your bedroom doesn’t get enough light, then choose low-light plants. On the other hand, if you want your bedroom to be full of greens, choosing faux plants is a great choice.

Boho bedding

The most important feature of a dreamy bohemian bedroom you must consider is boho-style bedding. Boho bedding includes mattresses, duvet covers, and blankets in cool pastel shades of pinks, whites, and blues with impactful floral prints. Apart from this, bedding is one aspect of a bedroom that comprises various factors, including a blanket and a blanket holder. Bohemian blankets blend soft and mushy fabrics dyed in traditional and detailed prints that mix with the whole boho theme. Instead of choosing old ways of blanket holding, you can pick a handwoven blanket ladder to solve the purpose.

Art pieces and wall hangings

A boho bedroom will look incomplete without earthy wall artwork. To get it done right, you can hang wool and jute woven dream catchers, large cloth paintings, and pieces of abstract art. Moreover, keep as much as antique items like old gramophones and ancient boxes on your shelves or bedside tables for perfection. Furthermore, you can hang long hats on your wells to add volume to your space.


Rugs are an absolute must to add drama to your bedroom. Since the boho rugs are vibrant colors and eclectic designs, they look very aesthetic. You shouldn’t miss them as the hard-knitted wool gives a pleasing effect. You can choose the most popular Moroccan or Persian rugs or a jute rug to complete the whole look. Consider the sizes of your bed and rugs well before buying them. You can place them under your bed or by the side of your bed for a refreshing look. However, if you love extra drama, try overlapping big and small rugs and placing them nicely, and stack up a piece of furniture over them like a blanket holder.


These amazing ideas and tips will bring your bohemian bedroom dream to life. Moreover, these ideas are very handy and very easy to execute. With basic plants, linen, and wooden furniture pieces, you can create a cozy cottage-style bedroom. A bohemian theme is perfect for you if you want a flavorsome and dramatic hue in your bedroom. A minimal and a lot of character is the key to decoding a boho style. Therefore, be sure to avoid large gold-colored vessels and huge chandeliers. Moreover, avoid too much clustering of showpieces and various elements. Therefore, following these tips will turn your bedroom into an enchanting dream.

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