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5 Uses Of Wikipedia That You Must Know

Wikipedia is the first friend we go to for advice and a last-minute savior at the same time. But it is not just that. Wikipedia is a vast website with even more uses. The fame and importance are self-explanatory by the first line of the introduction. Wikipedia is the 6th most popular website around the world. 

Researching and looking for facts is now part of our life. To testify a piece of information, Wikipedia is the first thing we run to. When we have something, why don’t we use it to the full extent? There are a lot of functions and uses of websites that you might not be aware of. So take a seat and read through to be a Wikipedia pro. You can also get your Wikipedia work done by the Wikipedia page creation service or by recruiting a Wikipedia page creation agency.

5 Basic Uses Of Wikipedia 

To become a pro, you have to learn the basic uses of Wikipedia. Once you get hold of the basics, you can explore further on your own. So here are 5 basic uses that one might get from Wikipedia. 

From Basic To Advance 

It is needless to say that we can find anything from anything on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a fact collector that is everyone’s first choice. It is a one-stop solution for everyone. We can search and browse information from basic to advanced. If anyone wants to verify a piece of information and facts, Wikipedia is the one. 

Endless Encyclopedia 

Wikipedia is like a series of never-ending encyclopedias. You can get both brief and elaborate information on the topic of your choice. 

If we break down Wikipedia words in two, it will be wiki + pedia. Wiki is a Hawaiian word that means quick. And pedia means a book which involves a lot of information. Combined, it means a lot of quick information. We have the information required with just a tap. 

Incognito Mode 

Some people might not be aware of incognito mode. Incognito mode basically is a feature that enables you to look for some private things. It works like a shield that protects the data. Once you are in incognito mode, you can look up anything and everything. It won’t show in the search history after you are done with your research. 

It does sound a bit inappropriate. Minors and children get into inappropriate things. 

Variety Of Reviews 

On Wikipedia, there is a wide range of reviews. You can get the best of the reviews, whether they are good or bad. There are lots of fakes and copies. But if you filter through it, you will get the best. So Wikipedia does help a lot with its reviews. 


The articles put up on Wikipedia also have cross-references. If you are reading about something and there is a word in between that you don’t know about. You just have to tap on that word twice, and it will open a new tab and page that will give you detailed information. Sometimes it is infuriating to stop in between your search or reading and look up a single word. There Wikipedia has your problem solved.

Special Ones 

Till now that you have got hold of the basic uses of Wikipedia, why not upgrade and learn some more. Here are some universal uses of Wikipedia as it is a universal website. 

Trending  Pop-Ups 

Suppose you are someone who wants to or has to stay updated with the trending topics. Wikipedia has it sorted for you. On Wikipedia, you will get the trendiest things on top of Wikipedia. And not just one or two articles, you get a wide range to choose from. 

You get the trendiest Bollywood or Hollywood controversy or the latest world war-like scenarios in between nations. 

Wide Access 

Wikipedia uses the free policy, which lets the users advantage of the content put on the website. The users are free to copy, paste and reuse the information and content from Wikipedia. The only condition that Wikipedia has for the users is that they give due credit to the writers of content. If they don’t give the credits to the writer, the process of reusing the content is labeled as plagiarism. Users have wide access to Wikipedia to fulfil their research. 

Global Research Purposes 

If you are planning to buy a home or any other assets of that kind, you would like to run quick research. One can get global results and compare anything with global standards. It can be shopping for gold, property or stocks. 

Wikipedia is not just limited to there. One lookup and compare anything. You can search for a job, home, education, health, and the list is never-ending. Every possible thing you can type will be on your screen. 

Something For Everyone 

There is always room for improvement. And Wikipedia is one of the best websites that you can aid in your learning process. You can get better at whatever you want, be it a business or learning. If you just simply want to pursue a hobby of yours or want to do something good for people around you. Starting from facts to different theories. Started from ancient times till the modern world. You get everything about them and in between them. If there is something that exists in this world, it will surely be on Wikipedia too. 

Final Thoughts 

You would have learnt many uses of Wikipedia by now. And this article would have given an upgrade to that. It is always fun to learn new things. In modern times when everything is on the Internet, it is beneficial to know more about Wikipedia. It is important to keep up with the world around us. And the whole of the world is on Wikipedia. So it’s two birds shot with a single stone. And if you are someone who lacks technology functions, we covered it up for you. 

At last, we have seen many pros and some cons too out of Wikipedia’s uses. 

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