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3k-200k Subscribers How to Increase Instagram Followers

After growing Instagram followers to 200k in only nine months, Zack Chug reveals his tricks and tricks to grow the following of his Instagram account. He initially revealed that he is buying Instagram followers Australia and then trying some natural ways too.

I am Zack Chug and I am an influencer on social media and a third-year dental student. I started my journey 9 months back. The posting of fitness and food content began as a pastime over lockdown but has since been my full-time job. The whole experience has been life-changing and has been a character-building process.

It’s the most satisfying thing for me to be able to touch millions and have a positive effect on them. My goal is to spread the long-term, sustainable lifestyle that is healthy – both mentally and physically. In this post, I’ll share with you some of the tips and tricks from my own experiences with Instagram in order to build you’re following and make content daily while taking classes at dental school. My account has grown from 3,000 to over 200k Instagram followers in just nine months.

Find your niche

The first step is to determine your area of expertise. I can appreciate that your niche for most of you is dentistry. However, in the modern age that we are living in today to increase your involvement and inter-personal resemblance, combining your interests in dentistry can make your name stand out.

I would like people to understand my real self and be certain of the challenges we all must overcome. Your personality and character are essential for your people to trust your brand and also show prospective patients who look at your profile who you really are like!

One way that I have earned thousands of people’s trust is by always taking time to reply to DMs and respond to their comments, for instance. Additionally, it is essential to select hashtags specific to your specific niche. I would suggest 8 to 1o niche-related hashtags so that it will narrow down the people you want to reach and interact with.

Post relevant content for Instagram followers

Furthermore, each of your posts should be informative and valuable to your readers. If you can provide valuable and useful information for those who follow you, then I will be sure that you’ll see growth.

The Instagram algorithm favours engaging useful, interesting and engaging content. The more saved posts you have the more likely it is that your post will appear on the Explore page. I don’t ever look at my likes anymore to determine whether I’ve made a good blog or not. Instead, I always check my saves!

A third reason is that posting regularly is a way of letting your followers know they can count on your company, which leads to more shares, engagement and reach. To increase organic growth it is vital to post regularly. Your profile will appear on every explore page every now and then and serves as a catalyst to an increase in Instagram followers.

People will be interested in your story, and they’ll be interested in knowing more about you. In their eyes, there must be a valid reason for your constant presence on the search page!

Finally, when it comes to content, I always make an effort to film and create my content ahead of time as editing can take time. I recommend using reels, carousels, and IGTV features to make these short, concise, relevant and direct to the essential.

Imagine engaging your readers’ attention for the first 2 seconds of your blog post. If the post doesn’t engage them in this time frame the audience is more than likely going to scroll on and will not read your content. I truly hope this can help in any way. I am looking forward to seeing your man’s pages expand! Please feel free to send me an Instagram message for any inquiries.

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